We will dance.....

On streets that are golden....

We did a worship and praise dance to this song at Fall Focus which also incorporated sign language. It was amazing and such a blessing to the ladies! Well the Fort Leavenworth ladies asked us to come up on the 29th and perform but most of our ladies couldn't so we went over last Thurs and taught them and then myself and one other lady helped actually perform on Tuesday. It was a lot fo fun and such a blessing again both to the ladies in the performance and those watching!

We also stayed with my friend Kristin and her kiddos so while we got stranded by winter weather an extra day it was ok and fun for the kids and us to catch up.

Miss. America

Anybody else disappointed with the show last night? It used to be something we watched every year and enjoyed the long show of talent, questions, etc ---- last night seemed more rushed and contrived. The girls didn't really get to talk at all, the talent was rushed and they didn't do the final three. I understand then trying to make it a bit more modern and we've enjoyed watching the reality show. HOWEVER, they didn't even listen to the voters who put Miss Utah through and put her into at least the 2nd round of elimination - let her talk, or something.

I think if they were to combine the old pagent format with the new "look" and talent then it would be great. But was dissapointed with this year.


We have decided to cut off our home phone, internet and cable for a bit. 1st to work on our budget and 2ndly to work on famiy communication. I will miss my computer for internet access daily but will be working in exercise by walking to the library!

More Hippology

So yesterday was the meet in McPherson, KS. Our girls took 1st in Team Stations, 2nd in Team Exams, 1st in Team Overall, 2nd in Individual Exam, and 1st in the Quiz bowl! WHOOO HOO! The Intermediate's also did really well with several medals - including 1st in Individual Stations.

So next week is the meet here and then Panorama --- if they continue to do this well they will be headed to Denver for Nationals!

Hippology results --- Jessica

No it's not some horrid disease! Daughter is in 4-H horse club and they compete in Hippology meets. Horse knowledge/quiz bowls. They have to do a written test, slides with blanks to fill in and head to head quiz bowl type questions. Her first meet was yesterday in Newton, KS sponsored by Harvey County. Out of 6 Senior Teams the girls took 2nd! Yeah! It was fun. Next weekend is in McPherson then here in Abilene the Sat after that and then the 9th-10th is an event called Panorama which is a statewide event. She and another girl will also be giving a talk at that one.


Yuck & piano

Feeling yucky - my eldest dd deigned to give me her head cold and I'm just not getting over it! Planning on laying around today with tea, elderberry, zinc, vit c echinacea and homeopathic remedies. My essential oils (http://www.youngliving.us - hope to have my own website up soon).

I am going to start teaching piano on Tuesday as well. Bit nervous and feeling uncompetant but I know this is the direction I am supposed to go to make some extra money for the family - at least for now. I sent out one feeler email and already have 5 students. Need to write up policies and decide on what I want to do for the first lesson today.

Getting in God's Face

This is the title of one of the Bible studies being offered by PWOC here this semester while I am planning to take a different one I am reading the book. Very interesting take on prayer and how to pray - which is something I want to be better at by the end of the year! To honestly intercede for others and for my family, warfare doesn't sound pleasent but I have felt for some time that this what the Lord would have me do as well as other things.

Dave Ramsey - Financial Peace University

Hubby went to the first class for this on Wednesday - well orientation really. We start actual classes the end of this month. WHile I know it will be hard, I'm looking forward to making progress on our finances of some sort! Really tired of where we are now!

If you've never heard of him or his program check out http://www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com


Have you seen the latest figure on Yahoo about Katrina? Someone is suing the govt for $3quatrillion dollars! Get real. I feel for your suffering and loss but isn't this just a sign of how ridiculous this has gotten? That's more than the entire US product for a year! Oh so we're supposed to give 1 person more than the rest of the entire US population?!!! How stupid is that?!

I never have understood the penchanct for balming the government anyhow! Ok yes they levy's weren't built properly, etc but they don't control the weather and when an F-5 hurricane is bearing down on you only the foolish stay in a city that's built below sea level! If anything they should be suing the city of New Orleans for not having a better evacuation plan, the mayor for being an idiot who didn't get things going etc. TX showed it could be done better.

It saddens me that American's have reached the point where rather than help each other, help themselves they would rather play the blame and pity me game.


So today I went for my next session of LIFE it is going to be awesome but it is still going to be hard. I know the Lord has great things for us but it is going to be painful as well!

I am looking forward to living out Luke 1:74 To grant us that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before Him all our days.

I am not sure how to articulate all that's going on ... but I know it's gonna be a great thing with God. I will try to sort out some things and post more later.