3 wks down --- 49 to go
I love this one on facebook! The more I read the more I just am amazed at how people are not even thinking in this election. And no I'm not saying you have to Love McCain but if you value your freedom at all, understand the difference between socialism and a Christian worldview, don't want to see our country reverse the progress made on racial issues, value character, and the list could go on..... then how can you vote for Obama? And who votes a party line anymore? Consider all the issues and the candidates records. There are more important issues at stake this election then our pocketbooks.

Think people before you vote..

Just plain scary!

Have you SEEN this?

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment

and this?????

Seems that the link I posted earlier about The making of a Furher isn't to far off the mark.....


Tim is safely in Kuwait even though they spent 12 hrs in Germany with a broken plane. Although he's not complaining cause the people in the airport bought in a real German meal and Tim of course was quite happy with the schnitzel, bratwurst and real German potato salad!

Although he's not thrilled with the 65 guys to a tent situation at least he's safe....

day 2 and counting.....


  • to long days & even longer nights,
  • an ever present niggling sense of worry,
  • praying without ceasing,
  • breathless phone calls with a lag time and static hello... yes...I love you....hello? (from running to grab the phone on the chance it might be him and trying to fit everything in before the phone cuts off!)
  • wondering (what's he doing now, what's the weather like there, how do my children really feel about this, etc.....),
  • double checking the locks at night (I need to buy a gun),
  • hoping people will invite us over for meals/or bring me one so I don't have to figure out what to cook every night for 4 children who really don't care if they have mac n cheese/pizza/fishsticks/hotdogs/mozzerella sticks every night (well at least some of them at least the girls are past that stage!),
  • wishing this war was through and yet being proud we have a part in something bigger than us and of hubby who is doing what's right,
  • feeling frustrated with everyone who just doesn't get it
  • a sharpened sense of what's really important
  • holidays with an empty seat
  • feeling like I can't take a deep breath,
  • to so many things that are tough to articulate and make sense,
  • and yet trusting that God has a bigger purpose for all of this...

    to being part of a sisterhood of women who wait.....

Here Kitty....

CASPER, Wyo. — A police officer didn't think much of a call to shoo off a bothersome "kitty cat" at a Casper home on Monday. But after the officer arrived at the home, he ran for cover after seeing a male mountain lion weighing 80 to 90 pounds.
Beverly Hood said she was inside when she first saw the mountain lion lying on her porch Monday. Hood said the lion hissed at her, but she wasn't scared.
She called 911, animal control and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and reported that she had a bothersome "big cat." A dispatcher told Officer Mike Ableman that it was a house cat.
A game warden tranquilized the mountain lion and the animal was relocated...(Fox News website)....

Talk is Cheap..

I know I've had a lot of links of here of late but that's because I feel our nation is at a crucial crossroads... obviously I lean to the right of things but I do not beleive either candidate is perfect. Everyone is a sinner and has a past and we need to be informed on the issues and where they stand not what they SAY. Our children will bear the brunt of the decision.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Comparing the Candidates:

Interesting take: