Bailout Bunk

Ok so I don't know everything there is to know about this but I do know that bailing out someone is always stupid --- or as Dave Ramsey likes to say a "stupid tax". So how is it going to help our country in the long run if we let banks slide/bail them out for their own stupidity or unwillingness to tell the govt it was wrong for doing subprime mortgages and the like in the first place?

And for once the house actually listened to their constiutents and now Congress is having a temper tantrum and telling us all how stupid we are.... ... hmmmm

and then there's reality....

and this from Dave Ramsey.... interesting:

more canning...

9 quarts of Apple Pie Filling and 5 of pears in med syrup.

I think I'm done for awhile anyways! They sure do look pretty on the shelf!

Sweet Stuff...

Thought this was interesting...

How the Lord provides for us, as long as we quit killing off bees with pesticide....


Feeling yucky today, have had nasal drip and cough for a few days (allergies? GERD? both? yuck!). Generally feeling blah and tired today/tonight and now a sore throat --- Jessica sharing?

Did manage to get 11qts of applesauce done this week and still have one more basket of apples to peel (pie filling?) and a box of pears that are starting to turn.....

Political Aspirations

Interesting.... manipulating others to make yourself look good? hmmm...

and poke around the site long enough and you'll find some interesting ideas about Sarah Palin too - from Hollywood, the hotbed of intellectual thought and morals that it is they seem to think they have the right to tell us how scary it would be if real people actually related to her at all. Sounds like some people are scared alright... that they'll lose the election!

"Our State Fair, Is a great State Fair..."

Ok so I didn't go today being as Noah has been wheezing and it was very windy and I've been coughin too; nevertheless that song has been rolling around in my head! (Theme from Roger & Hammerstein's "State Fair").

Jessica and Meghan did their speech again today at the State Fair in Hutchinson and they got a blue! Yeah girls.... their's was more informative then how to and this year they were looking for how to's.... Jessica also got a blue ribbon on her photo and it was selected for the Kansas 4-H Foundation (means it will travel to the banks in Dickinson County, around the State and possibly be published in the 4-H Journal). Tim and the three older kiddos went and I think they had fun, I know last time we were here it was a good fair. Til next year ....

Advice to Obama...

No not from me but from a journalist on fox news:


Great Post about Sarah Palin!

This is from an friend's blog

Discussing if it's Biblical for a woman to be VP....

Very insightful and well written - she also has a link to pages with great pictures.

Thanks Joan!

Peaches, Pears, Apples & Cabbage

I got three pints of peach preserves and four of pear jam put up yesterday. Hoping to put up applesauce and sauerkraut today.

Our garden is kaput. I didn't put enough time into it after the intial begininng, nevertheless we still did get some produce from it and perhaps I can still plant some cold weather crops.

Need to do another yard sale too --- before Tim deploys --- he's on leave this month but that will be taken up with projects around here that I would like done before he leaves, not fun stuff per se.

update: a gallon of sauerkraut sitting on the counter!

Always an Adventure....

What a couple of weeks it's been here!

Tim sprained his ankle during PT on his birthday and is still on crutches, Noah had to go to the ER the same night for his asthma - thankfully the one here in town wasn't busy although I did get teased about them keeping the room warm for us. Uh, NO thank you!

Ross has started public school at Abilene High -- a very difficult decision for us but I think it's already helping Ross to see that being at home with Mom isn't so bad after all. And he's enjoying Drama, has been moved up to Concert Choir (an honor as it's only sophmore's and up without teacher approval), and is well ahead of his class in German for now. No big surprise there! ;) One girl didn't really beleive him that he'd lived there/was born in Heidelberg..... ah the world view of a military child!

Pre Deployment briefings --- here we go again!

And PWOC drama, prep for Fall Kickoff and a new Installation Chaplain to meet!

Sara has a job interview today for a waitressing job at a restaurant here in town.

God is in all and through all!