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So the flu bug has hit our home honey had it first a few weeks ago, then Noah had the croup the begining of the week and now J has it and is miserable! Going around that's for sure....

Lots of zinc, echinacea, elderberry, vit C, lemon balm tea and homeopathic meds at present.

It 's to bad though as we will have to miss the bunny show this weekend!

On to regionals!!

Jessica & Meghan got Top Purple for their speech at the county 4-H days yesterday and will head to regionals in March if they do well there it's on to State Fair in Sept!

It was a bit disconcerting though as a friend's daughter apparently had a small seizure or something similar but the girls handled it beautifully and nobody in the room freaked out -- when the speech finished she was attended to and was fine. (small room with 14 people)


Have any of you seen the recent feud going on in Berkeley CA? Where the leftist group called Code Pink blocked the entrance to a Marine recruiting station (officer one by the way which means you must be a college grad...) and the city let them?! It's been all over some boards I vist.

These women who appear to be hippy's from the 60's who did way to much drugs and now are influencing others are so virulently opposed to anything other than their own thoughts that they can't even allow others to have their rights! ( check their website if you don't beleive me )

Sadding and Maddening all at the same time.

Treason in my book -- and almost anarchy as the police stood by and did NOTHING! Check out for more and links to video.

to quote Forrest Gump that's all I have to say about that....


DD #2 Jessica attended the State Hippology meet this last weekend (see previous post for explanation if you don't know what that is) with the county Horse group from 4-H. The team placed 4th overall which means they aren't headed to Nationals in Denver (don't know if they are alternates or not). Still nothing to sneeze at though!

However Jessica and Meghan did really well with their speech/presentation and took first place! WhooHoo! Then we have 4-H days this weekend (county) and they will present again, J is playing Violin; if they do well they can advance to Regional 4-H days if they do well there they will advance to State Fair. Go girls!!!
Which reminds me I need to call M's mom and see about practicing today.....


I have a good friend who I need to talk to, not sure what I did or did not do that has offended her but it grieves me that our friendship (a long one I treasured) has become strained. Honestly I'm not sure it's fixable. Some of it isn't even horrible differences but rather a divergence of paths -- I would like to have a place with property, animals and a "simpler" life if you will and yet at this point I truly feel the Lord calling me to do more with the women's ministry I'm involved with (see PWOC link in the sidebar) and ministering to the military wives around me. To be content with the life I have right now and seek to glorify him in it.

Does differences of opinion mean that one or the other of us is wrong? Or living a life outside of God's will somehow? I don't think it does or has to equate to that. There are so many things we agree on -- I am not your typical city girl or military wife if you will; home birth, home schooling, the importance of truly living together as a body of Christ/caring for one another/having deep relationships/living in community with one another,knowing how to milk a cow or goat, how to ride a horse, how to make cheese, things like that. However I don't think that being a military wife is out of the will of God. My friend has said that isn't His will for husband's to be away from their families so much -- perhaps not in a perfect world, or even for some people but does that necessarily negate His call on our life? Does that mean that no one in the military/who chooses to stay in is outside of His will? DO they equate or does that only apply to her life and not to mine? I'm not talking relativism here but this is not a salvation issue....


A new day....

SO today is school, homework, piano prep for Mom, some light housekeeping, 4-H meeting tonight and an FRG meeting (prob hubby since I don't want to spend the gas on an extra trip to post).

How blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord....

I worry about this. As we are in another election year it has just been a burden on my heart that we who claim the name of Christ MUST pray this year and not just before elections but NOW! For the candidates and which two we will vote between (hmmm slim pickins it would appear at present.... ) and for our nation to return to the Lord!

Those who say it doesn't matter that Obama has a Muslim background obviously don't know much about Islam, not that I'm an expert but I do know this -- there are many millions who wish to see the US gone, see us as a threat to Islam because of our Christian heritage and would gladly go to the death both literally and figuratively to see that happen! We need to stand firm as never before, now when so many are wishy washy especially!

And did you see the story about stores in NY accepting the Euro?! HELLLLOOOO?! We are not part of Europe people and we need to maintain our national soverginty this is only going to make the dollar weaker and they would certainly never accept dollars instead of Euros! (I've lived in Europe so yes I do know that to be a fact!) When did we lose our intestinal fortitude and become so easily swayed?!!!

Nations have long looked to the US as an example beccause of our strength, our willingness to stand by our convictions rather than our acquiesence!!

Oh that we would once again stand firm!