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To remember .... dealing with loved ones

The Pastor at Community Bible yesterday was speaking on loving one another and related this incident from his children.

They were fussin and generally being rude and dishonoring to one another so he told his daughter (in another room) who was instigating much of it
" I know you don't like your sister right now, I know you may not see anything to love in her right now, but I love her and she is special to me so if you love me, act like you love her!"

I thought this was profound and beautiful! Powerful picture of not only how we should act in our families but as Christian's towards one another. I am planning to print it out and post it for our children to remember as this is a bad habit we've gotten into this last year! Along with the scripture in John about they will know we are HIS by our love for one another.

Also wish my father would have said something like this to my sister and I then perhaps we could have learned to get along better; rather than just the normal you will because it's the right thing to do which didn't work -- only buried the issues instead of addressing them.

A New Year......

So as we are on the cusp of this new year I just wanted to share a few thoughts - will be more later as well.

I'm not quite sure what the Lord is wanting to do in our family but I know it's something big! I have started a series called LIFE (Living in Freedom Everyday) with a friend who's been through it before. It was written by a dear sister in Christ who is an amazing woman of God. I am looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of junk spiritually even though I know it isn't necessarily going to be "fun" but rather a lot of work. BUT I am excited to see what happens and to KNOW Him more which has been the cry of my heart for awhile now (Philip chapter 3).

Our finances are a mess at present and honestly I'm not even sure where we will get money for bills this payday or groceries but one of our Chaplains at Fort Irwin always said "when you're down to nothing, God is up to something" so I know that eventually good will come of this as well. Doesn't make me feel great at the moment or peaceful in the sense of not worrying about creditors, our house, etc but I know that God is good and it will all come right in the end.

Living in Abilene is not without it's challenges -- while it is a wonderful small town -- it's hard being the new kid on the block again and while I don't feel very cosmopolitan compared to my peers apparently I have lived enough in and around this old world to in fact be so! There is something to be said of having a wider viewpoint of the world than just KS. I am used to questioning things that are being done so that I understand should I ever have to do that thing or reference it again, apparently questioning/thinking for oneself has become passe even in small town USA as I get treated rudely very quickly even when I am not being rude. (ex: when we went to register the car they wanted a copy of hubby's LES(paycheck) when I asked why the lady on the phone transferred me to someone else! uh HELLO?! we've had id theft issues in the past already and even without that it's rather stupid to just hand someone a copy of a document with that much info on it. So I made a copy and blacked out everything except the info they needed and then they didn't even keep it!! Very Frustrating after three phone calls and different info every time!.) OR God forbid - suggest things might be done a different way - say consolidating offices for the DMV so that no one has to run around to 4 different offices, but I suppose that that would eliminate some jobs or some such thing!(I know I need to do better in the way I phrase things but I am just being honest -- was told "WELL you're not in CA now" as if I was somehow maligning KS by even bringing it up! REALLY??? I had NO idea I wasn't in CA! When did that happen?!) I am HOWEVER from a small town (1200) and this attitude of reticence and judgementalness is not a necessity.

I needs must still find some sort of job where I can be home most of the time and yet contribute to our finances significantly.

Yearly goals later......

Computer issues, life in general

So we took our main computer in today as we've picked up some adware along the way and it keeps jumping from the website we want to ones we don't (thankfully we already have a filter installed so most won't show) now we won't have it for at least 3-4 days but hopefully it will be all fixed and we won't need a new one.

Still trying to figure out a job for me that will pay sufficently yet I won't have to be out to much. Being an Army spouse I don't want to be gone to much and then hubby redeploy, etc,etc. However I may see what I can find for the present and cross the deployment bridge when we get to it again.

Speedy hands

Have you seen these? ( then click on the video link) we got our dd a set for Christmas and both ds's wanted them too. It's truly a whole family activity. And WOW is it fast! I'm hoping it will help eldest ds with math. It really is quite fun once you start.

Merry Christmas and such

We went to Plevna yesterday to visit with Tim's grandfather and family. It was a nice day and the kids had fun seeing their cousins for the first time in a while.

Today we've just been home. I am trying to keep the true spirit of Christmas but am feeling rather blue today --- lonesome and tired. Grumpy. Not really sure what's wrong exactly just feeling sad, blah, frustrated all at the same time.

More fun in the snow.... strange men to the rescue!

So last night on the way home from post as I was going up the onramp to the freeway I slid off and almost into a fence. Yep you guessed it I got stuck! Limited slip rear axle or not it was in the mud. Thankfully the Lord sent some strangers to help (also kept traffic to a real minimum on the on ramp) who towed me out shortly and I was on my way again! (of course Tim had OUR tow strap in the truck). Hubby was willing to come from Abilene but it seemed stupid to ask him to drive 25 miles on icy, snow covered roads to come get me and then go back again! Our Company Commander was also willing to help but these men showed up first. Things could have been a lot worse and I'm grateful. It took me over an hour to get home but I made it.

Big thanks to the young man and his wife from Cracker Barrel and the 4 young men in the suv! This soldier's wife is grateful....

Ice Storm.... update

So here we are. It's not as cold as it was - 40 degrees is a heat wave today! he he. Everything is melting and dripping. Over the last couple days we had no power from early Wed morning until yesterday afternoon, then today it was off again for about 4 hours. Just now back up on the email. Ice everywhere - power lines and tree branches down, etc. Some places may not have power for up to 10 days!

Here's a few links (will try to post some pics from here later):,2933,316658,00.html

It's beautiful but deadly - praise God for a home,camping equipment, friends with power, etc.

Brrrr - Baby it's Cold outside...

It's 13 degrees and icy! Ok so I realize that's not to bad if you live in Alaska but KS with wind chill it's quite chilly!

Supposed to be this way the next few days. We were to go to church this morning and a home tour on post today (which I love doing) but I don't think we're going anywhere. Roads are icy and not cleared - don't feel like sliding around. DD #2 has a 4-H meeting this afternoon so we'll see how things are for that - we all have one tomorrow night again we'll see what things are like. Hopefully it warms up a bit for ds's paper route tomorrow - hubby to go to work. For now we will probably just have our normal tea time breakfast and watch movies and play games.


& miles to go before I sleep....

Ok so not literally but it sure seems like it of late. The craft fair was exhausting and not very profitable, I need to finish putting up Christmas Decorations, finish dying my slipcovers, clean house, school the children, make a grocery list, go grocery shopping, AWANA tomorrow night, etc~!!!!