Best Movie Halloween Dress Choice

The potential choice for Halloween costumes that are available may well be the best in the world. Blockbusters like "The Avengers", "The Dark Knight Rises," "Men in Black 3" and "The Amazing Spider-Man." After the superhero genre huge success with "Thor," "Captain America" ​​and "X-Men: First Class" in 2011, we anticipate that sex will only increase over time.

So we watch the main movie will be released throughout 2012 and they tore the clothes of fans eager to use for Halloween.

Men Halloween Costumes - Where do we start? "The Avengers" is probably the best place because it will present the best of the best in the form of Marvel superheroes. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson favorite among all who are present throughout the summer and Halloween costumes. The new Spiderman costume has gained much attention in the media and has been critically acclaimed by fans await the film's release next summer. James Bond and the elegant black suit seen in the movie Men in Black is a typical choice of the guys who do not feel comfortable dressing in costumes.
Halloween Dress Code For Men

Halloween Costumes for Women - "Underworld Wake", the next installment in the vampire series starring Kate Beckinsale is the guarantee of having to break the cosplayers latex catsuit with Catwoman costume in "The Dark Knight Rises". The ever-popular costume as evidenced by "Resident Evil" Alice is willing to be a great costume for Halloween costumes. Pepper Potts played by black widow impressive and seductive is played by Gwyneth Paltrow Scarlett Johansson will be added must have for cosplay group of the Avengers. For lovers of fairy tales, the premiere of "Snow White and the Hunter" is sure to love. With images of the new clothes that are already published, it is likely that the costumes are replicas available shortly.
Halloween Dress For Girl

Halloween costumes for children - "Ice Age: Continental Drift" is designed to encourage children to dress as their favorite animals or Princess Merida new Pixar "Brave." Characters of Harry Potter and Twilight are important routes of trick or neighborhood, and after Percy Jackson, based on "The Sea of ​​Monsters."
Halloween Dress For Kids
Movie Halloween Dress For Kid

What is .... {day 31}

I plan to post later today but Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience has written a beautiful post again ...

"Sometimes grace is the way a moment unfurls into wing and something of God flutters near."

Living, Breathing, Grace .... {Day 30}

Reintergration is not always easy or fun. It's hard when people say you must be so excited hubby is home ... well yes and no ... issues you had before do not just magically disappear because they are gone for a year, they only get set aside. Not always easy to make room in the daily routines for Him .... he hasn't even been home that long but old disappointments that I don't see changing have already reared their ugly heads. ....

Pain is said to be the gift that no one wants .....

After a hard morning I was sitting in church and just said  " God I just want to see evidence of your Grace in MY life today "... and a still small voice replied..

 " Just look at the young man sitting next to you ......."  oh ... deep breath ... yes Lord, our daughter's beau who is visiting was next to me this morning. He is indeed a gift from God for her and for our family. A young man who follows hard after God, seeks God's best for our girl, honors her and adores her! He is already fast becoming part of our family ....

and then today there were baby dedications -- such sweet little things and none of them cried! (our eldest son screamed his head off) ... and I looked in front of me and down the row and there again was evidence of grace .... all of my children, the aforementioned beau and a college roomie worshiping together and what's more each in their own way seeking fervently after God and His ways.

It was a small breath of hope in my day .... and a reminder that even when I don't see God working He has not forgotten, forsaken or ignored me. To continue to beleive that God will work it out for our good ..... even when I wish He would do it NOW, to continue to trust ...

Nothing ....{Day25}

"I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without Me."

I was struck by this passage a few years ago and felt God saying "You can do NOTHING without me, stop trying so hard. You don't live and breathe without me so what makes you think you can do other things? Sure you can can walk your own way, do what you want but will it last in the end? Nothing you do without me is eternal. I've made you the way I have for my Glory not your own." 

It's all Grace. Only by His Grace can I hope to abide in Him, live, breathe and move in Him. Opening my eyes every morning and dreaming at night ---- it's His Grace.

The realization I can do nothing without Him can bring a sense of failure or why try if we listen to our flesh or Satan ... but ... if we listen to Christ it brings freedom to know He loves us and is moving in every bit, part, and breathe of our lives....
    That I don't have to accomplish anything other than obedience .. He will do the restWithout His word in my life, His very breathe in my day, I can do nothing .... but with it? I can do mighty things through Him.

Coloring Your Wall Based on Emotions

Colors play an important role in one's life. Colors you like to express their ideologies. It has been shown that colors influence our mood and greatly have an effect on the actions of an individual. The choice of an appropriate color to your room is really a hectic job and gives me some ideas.

Systems coloration varies from one room to another, from one place to another and depends on the nature of the utility room.

Living room:

A living room is where ideologies are judged, as it is the first room visits. Varieties of oil paintings, works of art, furniture and decorations are available to decorate your living room. Color scheme is like the person. However, some general rules you can follow when choosing wall color and decor.

* The colors in a living room that is recommended shades lighter.

* Do not be flashy or showy, as psychologically effects on visitors.

* Make simple decor, sweet and not make the place too crowded.

* Room must be broad, so make sure your decorations do not cover the entire room.

* One of the walls of a room can have through oil paintings. That enhances the beauty of the room.


The bedroom is a room where you want to relax and forget the stresses of the day. One must be very careful in selecting the decorations of this room. Bedroom decorations are different for children and adults.

For children,

* The murals of their favorite comic or any other paint that is attractive and nice, too.

Bedspreads * must be very happy and fun. Raise the minds of children.

* The bunk beds are the best choice for more than one child in a room.

* Toys and dolls are what children want and can fill the room.

* Proverbs and posters can be stuck here and there on the walls that are educational and informative.

For adults,

* Touch romantic is very necessary and therefore shaded walls, the light will fit.

* Lighting must be addressed and exclusive chandeliers are available in the market to serve the purpose.

* You can have great portraits or pictures of couples adorn the room.

* Quotes about love and life can be posted here and there on the walls.


Bathroom Accessories are a bunch of numbers and colors used for the walls and tiles are multiple schemes and options.


Kitchen should have the paint on the edge of the shadow due to the accumulation of smoke or vapors on the walls is very often happens. Therefore, to avoid smoke stains clearly, if you choose a matte color for a kitchen.

As noted above, paints and dyes are plant mood of a house. Be sure to keep you cool and elevate your mind as soon as you enter your home. So paint your house with your emotions!

Not about me {day 20 ...}

"But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!
    So for the sake of Christ, I am well pleased and take pleasure in infirmities, insults, hardships, persecutions, perplexities and distresses; for when I am weak [in human strength], then am I [truly] strong (able, powerful in divine strength)"... 2 Cor 12:9-10 Amplified Bible

a couple of my friends posted this on facebook recently .... I love the Amplified version .... so often we make Grace about what we do instead of what God has done or continues to do .... come on you know you do it too! We slip back into the pattern of beleiving that God loves us but His every day unmerited favor isn't for us .... unless we do our best ....  how easily the lies and thoughts creep back in that yes God loves me enough to die for me is true but I still need to do my best everyday to make Him happy.

While it is true that we need to strive to live our lives for Christ daily, to pursue Him wholeheartedly it is His very grace which enables me to do so and YET it is not what I do or do not do today which makes Him gracious towards me, my actions do not make Him love me anymore or any less. Just as a parent loves their child even when they misbehave so God loves me.

Soak that in a minute ..... He LOVES me no matter what .... of course there are consequences in life but does this knowledge not impart REST to your soul? ... secure in the knowledge that He loves me even when I fail I can then and only then begin to seek Him daily, to love Him well. For it is in my very weaknesses and failings that He is glorified when I say "I can't do this without God" ....

The Gospel Coalition  has a great post today as well on grace and what it means for daily living .....

Ideas For Decorating a Beach House

Creative Decoration Beach House

Creative ideas for decorating a beach house

There are many innovative and attractive ways to furnish a beach house. The main reason for decorating a beach house is that you should look spacious and neat at the same time. Try different kinds of ideas beach house furniture to give your home a cozy and elegant appearance, the way a beach house should look. Beach huts are mostly built of wood, so if you keep it natural, that would be very attractive. Or you can paint the exterior walls of the house white or other pale shadow, with the roof of a bright color like red or brown brick. The interior of the house can be customized to your liking. There is a wide palette of colors of the rooms of the house. Here are a few suggestions of colors that can be used to paint the walls of the house - spa blue, teal, ocean blue, pink shell, coral, sand, etc. Other settings in the room can be a contrasting color to the attractiveness visual. The emphasis of color should be such that it is light and bright at the same time. The floor of the house on the beach can be wood, wide tables tables showing the simplicity and impressive features at the same time. You can cover for each room the way you want to use various accessories derived from nature, to give the room a coastal style.

Creative Decoration Beach House

The focal point of every home is your living room, so to make it more attractive you can try mixing and matching different elements. The living room usually has a large window offering a panoramic ocean view. You can have the window treatments to match the mood of the room. Valences and curtains hanging in white or soft colors like blue etc., pure rose, can improve the look of the room and make it more enjoyable. For furniture, you can have slipcovered furniture. Sofas and chairs pine is an excellent idea. White painted furniture for a calming effect. An ottoman is also a good choice when it comes to seating. If you have a fireplace, you can decorate with seashells, coral reefs and other memorabilia of the oceans.
Creative Decoration Beach House
Credit Cards
Let us now into the dining room. Wooden furniture will help keep the casual style and beautiful. Wicker furniture can also be considered an option. A glass table surrounded by chairs covered party will have an attractive appearance. The placement of the furniture can be made according to your preference, if you want to be placed in the center or anywhere in the room. For lighting fixtures can have glass walls for an enlightening look. Having a beach theme will also help add to the look of the room.

Creative Decoration Beach House
Master bedroom
The master bedroom is another important room in a house. For a timeless appeal in this room, planning and decorating the room exudes a relaxing atmosphere. For the walls, stick to the colors of calm, which can be combined with a warmer tone. The carpet in the room may consist of geometric patterns. Get and use upholstered bed linen with a soft and cool tones. Match the bedding according to the color of the walls and other accessories in the room. You can also use these beach theme bedroom to create a breeze, ocean room.

Creative Decoration Beach House
While decorating the rooms of guests, be sure to keep the wall colors and other decor neutral. You can use the sea-blue combined with white or blue-green, green algae or coral. For a ventilated and cool look of the room, use of appropriate color combinations. Whether painting the room a single color or a cool color contrast with a warm tone. The bed and other accessories in the room should complement the colors of the wall. You can also hang curtains in the window.

Creative Decoration Beach House

The walls of the bathroom should be painted in soft colors. If you have tiles embedded in the walls, you can choose tiles with motifs such as shells ocean, marine animals, sailboats, etc. bathroom accessories can be marble or French vanilla cream for a clean look of sand. Wall cabinets should be well contrasted. For this, you can choose from walnut, oak drive.

Creative Decoration Beach House
The porch is a private retreat where you can spend quality time after a long and tiring day. The atmosphere of this place must come from relaxation, so it is advisable to go blank. The furniture on the terrace can also be painted white. You can place the furniture in Adirondack outdoors where you can sit and relax in the majestic views of the ocean. Hang a hammock on the porch is another good option. For the effect of a coast, you can add shrubs and plants on your terrace, wicker lounge chairs for the beach experience. From here you can enjoy the magnificent views of the sunrise and the environment, getting happy in his aura.

Creative Decoration Beach House

Now that you know how to decorate a beach house, put these tips and watch your dream unfold before your eyes. Along with the above mentioned tips for decorating a beach house, you can also build on ideas for a stunning coastal getaway located on the beach, facing the blue ocean waters. So, get ready to enjoy the abundance of pleasure in terms of warm sunshine, cool breezes and the sound of the waves!

Creative Decoration Beach House

Creative Decoration Beach House

Creative Decoration Beach House

Creative Decoration Beach House

Creative Decoration Beach House

Grace Calling ..... {day 12 & In God's Heart}

Ok so I'm a few days behind on my 31 days of Grace .... the last few days have been a bit crazy. Nevertheless here I am again ....
Have you ever considered your calling? Or even ever thought whether you are called to do something/anything with your life? What is it? .... What does it mean to be called?
            Webster's 1828 says this:

   Call:  1. To name; to denominate or give a name.
2. To convoke; to summon; to direct or order to meet; to assemble by order or public notice;
3. To request to meet or come.
4. To invite.
5. To invite or summon to come or be present; to invite, or collect.
6. To give notice to come by authority; to command to come; as, call a servant.
7. To proclaim; to name, or publish the name.
8. To appoint or designate, as for an office, duty or employment.
9. To invite; to warn; to exhort.
10. To invite or draw into union with Christ; to bring to know, believe and obey the gospel.
11. To own and acknowledge.
12. To invoke or appeal to.
13. To esteem or account.

           So many people these days seem to be wandering aimlessly about with no sense of purpose. The protestors on Wall Street right now are looking for a purpose, a call if you will .... something larger than themselves....   Yet I wonder if it is not often in the small things that our true calling is found, in the willingness to do them well even when there is no recognition, when it seems as though no one sees. A calling is more than a vocation or job .... some may have the gift of teaching and not be "called" to teach in school, it's not so much about what we DO but about who we ARE and more so who we ARE in Christ if we are believers..... Holley over at Heart to Heart with Holley has a great analogy ...   ~Even after we’ve accepted God’s offer to be a princess, we may forget our calling from time to time. Imagine if Mia moved out of the palace and lived on the streets. Her beautiful gowns would become dirty, she would have little to eat, and few would guess her real identity. Yet the fact that she was royalty wouldn’t change. ~Did you catch that? A princess living in a homeless shelter is STILL a princess by birth.....  Circumstances do not change who we are intrinsically. So often we live like it does though don't we?      
            When I was in college a passage of scripture was distinctly given to me, Isaiah 43: 1-21.....    Verse one says:

            Now this is what the LORD says—
    the One who created you, Jacob,
    and the One who formed you, Israel —
    "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by your name; you are Mine...

what a comfort in times of trial and uncertainty to know that God knows my name.  When we named our children we purposefully chose names that had meaning, didn't spell anything weird with their initials and sounded nice ..... {Sara Elizabeth: Princess Consecrated to God, Jessica Grace: Gods rich gift of  grace, Ross Alexander: From the peninsula (it's Scottish and sounds like a strong man's name so there!) and;Defender/leader of men  , Noah Cuyler: Rest/Comfort and Chapel/Shelter}, ...  How much more beautiful must our names sound in the mouth of God? Of one who loves us so ....

             But, how often do we balk or run from the things He is calling us to? to become?  why do we fear that the grace which so envelopes us will run out? That it won't be enough if this calling is hard, or makes me give up parts of myself -- even if I get them back polished and beautiful later?   Do we truly believe that God Himself calls us by name?

              Sometimes it's hard to discern what we are called to in the midst of our busy lives ... in the hustle and bustle of dishes, laundry, car pools, yard work, deployments, dr's visits etc ... but what if....

what if ...

these ARE our calling? To live where God has us RIGHT now by His Grace and trust that if He has called us to something different (often we think bigger, but what is bigger than losing our lives for others and the impact on eternity and future generations we can not yet see?) ?    To begin to see each seemingly insignificant task as the grace of God for us, right here, right now. ...

Buying Christmas Gift Online Ideas

Christmas Gift

Guide Online Christmas Gift Buying Idea 

Looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for your loved ones? With this little guide you can choose an appropriate Christmas gift for friends and family. Shopping online for Christmas gifts instead of going to a local store is very interesting. When sending Christmas gifts online, you save time and money. It is also an easy way to shop for friends and relatives abroad. Finding the high amount of gifts for Christmas is a difficult task. It's just a matter of a few searches and clicks. Let me show you what is best for you to buy online with the different types of Christmas gifts to choose from.

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas flowers

Consider Beautiful arrangement of flowers in the bouquet vase or basket. You can choose from a wide variety of flowers like roses, daisies, lilies and seasonal flowers.

Some examples of types of flowers online gifts to choose from:

- Christmas Bouquet

- Two roses in a vase

- Six roses in a vase

- The flowers of carnations

- A dozen yellow roses / Red Roses / White Roses

- A dozen mixed color roses

- Stargazer Lilies and Gerbera Vase

- Wrapped bouquet of mixed flowers

- A basket of fresh flowers with vegetables

- Dendrobium Orchids Vase

- Flower Basket or Flower Bowl

Online Christmas Gift Idea: Christmas Fruit Baskets

A basket full of different kinds of delicious seasonal fruits will be a great gift idea for Christmas. With fruit, you can also add cheese, meat, biscuits and other treats like this.

- Gourmet Fruit Basket

- Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket

- Plant and Fruit Basket

- Lovely Christmas fruit basket

- Christmas Tree Fruit Tower

What about a small tower in the garden, fresh fruit and gourmet delicious sweets, decorated with white snowflakes and shape of a Christmas tree. Well tied with a red satin bow style, the tower consists of three levels of mid-season oranges, pears and apples, select the mix of Christmas crackers, cheddar cheese, pesto, chocolate toffee, biscuits and mix nuts.Online idea for a Christmas gift: Christmas baskets with fresh flowers, plants

Sending a plant is a beautiful way of expressing gratitude or send joy to a loved one. A beautiful combination of plants and flowers is also a good idea. You can include a variety of plants combined with flowers. What about sending Bonsai and Lucky Bamboo his friend who is interested in Feng Shui.

Some examples are:

- Azalea plant in Christmas Shopping

- Plant of the basket with fresh flowers

- Lucky Bamboo in the basket

- Great Wall of Chi - Collection of woven bamboo.

- Bamboo Forest Fountain

- Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

Online Christmas Gift Idea: sweets Christmas Baskets

A beautiful hand painted basket with a delicious assortment of fine chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookies filled, Cherry Delight, delicious Coconut, Mint Delights, Delights of Peanut Butter and more. You will be loved by ordering this basket of sweets in the online stores.

- Chocolate Delights Gift Basket

- Coffee Connoisseur gift basket

- Sweet-N-Treat Cart

- Tea Time Gift Basket Christmas

- Chocolate Lover Basket

- Strawberries with chocolate in the basket

Christmas Gift

Online Buying Ideas
Guide Online Christmas Gift Buying Idea
Online Christmas Gift Idea: Baskets Christmas cake

What about a basket full of cheesecake smooth and creamy, the crust of chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate chips, caramel, sour cream, lemon, with or without fresh fruit toppings or embellishments.

- Turtle Cheesecake

- New York Cheesecake

- Cheesecake marionberry

- Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl

- Orange Mango Cheesecake

- Key Lime Cheesecake

- Caramel Apple Crumb Cheesecake

- Olde English Style Toffee Cheesecake

Now a day, consumers feel very comfortable in giving the details of your credit card and contact information of the recipient of online stores. Advanced data encryption technology ensures maximum protection for your personal data entered into online forms. So all that remains now is to go online and enjoy Christmas. Read more on Christmas Gift Gallery

Christmas Gift

Online Buying Ideas
Guide Online Christmas Gift Buying Idea

Christmas Gift

Online Buying Ideas
Guide Online Christmas Gift Buying Idea

Christmas Gift

Online Buying Ideas
Guide Online Christmas Gift Buying Idea

Stair love...

Ok so I know I had pictures of beforehand with my stairs but I can't find them presently! When we moved in the stairs were carpeted, we promptly tore that out and they've looked OK but just badly in need of finishing for the last year or so! I loved these from Sarah's House on HGTV (we don't have cable but based on the photos I've seen,  I would love to see her show!)

And ....Here is our version ... ....

ta da!  (thanks to the awesome Aaron Axe for his painstaking work with tape!) ... aren't they beautiful? Ok so I need to do some touch up and put quarter round back on but trust me they look sooooo much better than they did ..... debating about painting the newel post white and I'd love to pull up the laminate and see about the hardwood underneath but for now I'm just lovin the difference!   ..... :)