Holiday Home Design-Decorating Holiday Home Style

Holiday Home Design-Decorating Holiday Home StyleFirst few weekend parties in the New Year are going to be rocking! And you still have enough reasons to decorate your home and garden.

Decorating by Style:

Try something new, unique and different. If you are one of those who love to try their hands with crafting, then go ahead and prepare some holiday crafts yourself. Jingle bell door hanger, gingerbread stable, beaded snowflakes, Christmas tree etc. can be prepared at home.

For New Year home decoration, write the New Year in figure OR New Year's Resolutions in the crafts and make them suitable for New Year celebration.

Decorate keeping the occasion in mind:

For Christmas parties, merry red with snowy white looks good. On the other hand, the New Year celebration parties demand a more vibrant and dazzling color scheme - velvety blue, maroon with black, or dark green with golden ornamentation can make your New Year celebration more engaging.
Holiday Home Design-Decorating Holiday Home Style
Ask your family members if they have anything to say about the colors of the party. Make the entire session more interactive by engaging all family members in the home decorating process.

Make sure the whole interior is made up to the color scheme you have selected for the season. For Christmas party, choose white upholsteries with red borders, red coasters, and white dinner sets with red ornamentation. Similarly, the upholsteries for sofa and chairs should be chosen appropriately.

When it comes to New Year celebration, an appealing and engaging ambiance is desired. There should be plentitude of colors and lights all around the corner. This style is applicable for the New Year celebration parties held after January 1 too.

Create an artistic symbol:

To make the entire setting more soothing, select a pattern for this season; there must be abundance of this art all around. For example, draw a bunch of flowers; order bespoke curtains and upholsteries that contain the embroidery you designed.

And the Red Carpet

Your carpet should also fit with the look and feel of the interior. A red carpet is always good for Christmas or New Year party! Make sure the carpet has the right texture for your interior.Holiday Home Design-Decorating Holiday Home Style

The pattern that you selected for the curtains and upholsteries might not be available in the carpet store. In that case, select the same theme for your carpet. For example, if you have chosen floral embroidery for the curtain and sofa upholstery, make sure the carpet has floral texture too.

And you are ready to welcome guests! Play some holiday numbers to create the perfect ambiance of celebration. Serve the drinks, snacks and foods that you love most and allow the festive mood to stay within your home for few days more!

Sweet and Hot Home Design 2011


Smaller Homes

For those families purchasing new homes, many are looking for more modestly sized properties than the McMansions of the past. Being more attracted to the space they need rather than the space their ego wants - is on today's agenda. It's all about being more value conscious and living authentically. Although some newly built homes may be shrinking in size - by only about 10-15% (reducing overall room sizes),Sweet and Hot Home Design 2011the high-end materials and finishes are in no
way compromised. Rooms are becoming more multi-functional than in years past and therefore it's more important than ever to maximize every inch of space - within the existing footprint - and provide creative and integrated storage throughout your entire home. Less clutter and greater organization will contain your "stuff" and still allow your home to feel more spacious and uncluttered. There is a return to a more simple, warm, natural and clean-lined design reminiscent of mid-century modern architecture. A blending contemporary and traditional styles - resulting in a chic transitional design style.

Greener, Healthier and Smarter Homes

The current scene is definitely green. Energy efficiency is fast becoming the hottest and most desirable trend or "shift" in the home design and building industry. You can go all the way and completely reduce your carbon footprint or simply begin by introducing energy-efficient windows, lighting, appliances, tank-less water heaters, low-VOC paints, stains and sealants into your next home renovation or building projects.Sweet and Hot Home Design 2011
With a one-year extension of energy efficiency tax credits,
it only makes sense to take advantage of this offer and incorporate these products along with more durable and
sustainable materials when you're updating your home.Easy maintenance, high quality materials and integral smart systems make for an easy transition for the changing family. Integrating state of the art or "Smart" technology into our homes is a very hot trend that continues to blaze. It's about making our lives easier. Controlling kitchen
appliances, lighting and your entertainment systems from a centralized panel will soon be foreshadowed by the apps from our smart phones where we'll be able turn on our lights, have our fireplace crackling and our dinner cooked to
perfection the moment we walk through the door.

Universal Design

Renovating your existing home and removing interior walls creates an open, spacious and more flexible floor plan. This immediately improves the layout and flow of the home and makes it more comfortable and versatile for families who love to entertain - particularly when today's kitchens serve as multi-functional spaces incorporating cooking, dining, gathering and entertaining just to name a few.Re-designing your home's overall layout and introducing some
Universal Design principles into your renovation could include wider doorways, main floor master suites, and user-friendly kitchens and baths. These subtle tweaks make even the smallest homes feel more spacious and appeals to an enormous segment of the population -Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alike.

Work Spaces

Sweet and Hot Home Design 2011The homeprenuer trend is not just growing - it's intensifying. With an unstable economy comes the opportunity for more people to work from home either part time or launch home-based businesses. Today's technology makes it easy to be as productive at home as in an office-based location. Since most home-based businesses must co-exist with the family, separating your living and working environments can be a challenge. If you're lucky enough to have a separate guesthouse, a detached carriage house, or space above your garage then designate that space for your home office Otherwise, like the vast majority of home-based businesses you'll need to allocate an area within the home itself - either an unused bedroom, space beneath the stairs, or a corner of the kitchen or family room. Either way - find a
spot where noise and traffic are at a minimum and privacy is optimum!

Porches and Decks

With the trend of downsizing our homes comes the idea of expanding our interior living spaces to the outdoors. Homes
with charming porches and decks naturally transition the interior to the exterior instantly expanding your living space. It extends the summer season almost forcing us to live outdoors before the really cold weather sets in. Porches can define a neighborhood, and recapture a sense of communityDecks can be as simple or elaborate as the home they're attached to. Multi-leveled or single, Sweet and Hot Home Design 2011 built in seating or casual seating areas, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits - all of which create added living space and provide a vacation-like atmosphere. Design your porch or deck to compliment the character of your home's exterior architecture. Give it some thought in planning. It should be proportionate to the size of your home and property and make sure to include energy efficient solar or LED lighting.
Keeping abreast of these home design trends will help guide you when it comes time for you complete your "to do" list.
Families grow, people mature and our needs change. It's all about re-inventing your home making it feel as though it was built just for you.

Reshaping it all and giveaway...

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Kitchen Design With White Cabinets Furniture

Kitchen Design With White Cabinets Furniture
The kitchen design is an art that requires creativity and unique ideas, so you can reach the quarter with beautiful colors and coordinated. Most of the kitchen cabinets are cabinets, which include not only storage but also make a difference in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Depending on the colors of the kitchen cabinets, the entire room has been designed and painted. A number of people who like to have neutral colors of the cabinet, so you can change the colors of paint for the walls and kitchen accessories after intervals to give a new look. One of the best tones of the cabinet that goes with any kitchen color is white! When you have white cabinets, which can give your kitchen in absolutely any color of paint and make it look both traditional and modern. To give you a rough idea of ​​how colors can complement a kitchen with white cabinets, we have put together some unique patterns.

The paint colors for walls
System Wall Decoration
White cabinets are Victorian in origin, leaving a very traditional cuisine. But they are a great combination of mix and match different colors so you will not have to worry about remodeling your house every time you want to change the interiors.
* The first thing that you can choose to complement the white cabinets in the kitchen are the colors of the wall. Depending on the tone of white (cream, beige, ivory, satin, etc), you can choose light or dark tones. After cabinets, walls have maximum visual effect in the room, and therefore, you can decorate with beautiful colors.
* You can choose colors like lemon, purple, yellow, blue, mauve, purple, orange, red, pink, olive green, blue, gray and gold for the walls. To give a slight flexibility, you can use these ideas monochromatic tones kitchen with white furniture.

Designs Of Kitchen With White Cabinets

Backsplash kitchen countertop and colors

* Another important part of the colors of the kitchen with white cabinets that have a greater impact are the counters. These are used in at least three or four places around the kitchen, therefore, must be color coordinated as well.
* Granite countertops are the most popularly used as fresh, classy and elegant, with all kinds of cabinets. Depending on the color of the walls you've chosen for your kitchen countertops you can choose to play as well.
* However, the counters are in direct contact with the white furniture and so make sure you choose the right combination. Darker colors like olive green, black, dark brown, gray, red, etc, are the top few colors that blend perfectly with the black kitchen cabinet.
* In addition to countertops, you can coordinate the color of the back wall colors. For these, however, the choice of bright colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, green, black, etc, can be great combinations. Make sure the backsplash colors also match the colors of the wall in the kitchen.

Designs Of Kitchen With White Cabinets

Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom

Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom

Choose the Right Wall Colors
Wall colors play a very important role in making a small room appear larger. Pick a monochromatic paint color scheme for the attic or opt for pale but fresh colors like icy blue, steel gray and taupe. You can even choose brighter citrusy colors like lemon yellow, lime green and zesty orange. But moderation is the key in using such bright hues in a small attic bedroom. Paint one of the walls of the bedroom in a bright citrusy color and paint the rest of the walls in a paler color from the same color family. This gives the bedroom a bright look, without overwhelming it. As most attics have a sloping roof, choose a pale color for the ceiling to make the ceiling seem higher. Neutral colors like off white, taupe, beige and wheat are great paint color choices for the attic bedroom.

Choose a Statement Furniture
Although you should select furniture that is proportional to the dimensions of the attic, yet a statement furniture piece is essential to create a focal point in the room. A single bold piece of furniture will give the room an attractive and stylish look. A beautiful well crafted bed, with a dramatic headboard will give the room character. If your bed is crafted in dark wood, then use pale colored bed linen with plenty of pillows and cushions. The dark wood of the bed will contrast with the pale walls, ceiling and bed linen and give the bedroom a larger appearance.

Stick to Small Furniture
One of the biggest mistake that people make while decorating a small attic bedroom is to choose oversized furniture. To create a balance in the bedroom and to give it a harmonious look, you should choose scaled down furniture or small bedroom furniture. Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Small and narrow chaise lounge should be substituted for an oversized couch. A narrow chest of drawers in a modern design is also ideal for a small attic bedroom. Sleek furniture with clean straight lines should be selected as it creates a cohesive look and gives the bedroom an uncluttered look.

Get Smart With Storage
Think outside the box when you select storage for a small attic bedroom. Install built in shelves next to the bed and store your favorite books and CDs. This will reduce clutter and also free up floor space. Choose multiple storage options wherever possible and select furniture that contains storage. For example a night table with deep drawers can help you to store your toiletry and medicines. If you have a window seat in your attic bedroom, then use the space underneath the window seat by constructing a drawer for storing linens and toys. Another smart storage solution is to fill big baskets with bed linens, clothes and shoes and slide it underneath the bed.

Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Select the Right Accessories
Do not blindly display every show piece and decorative items that you have collected over the years. Display only one or two artwork on the walls and hang them high up to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Place a large rectangular mirror over a dresser or prop a large mirror against one wall. Mirrors instantly give the interiors more pizazz and also make the room appear larger than it is. To give the attic bedroom a polished look, stick to minimalistic art or quirky art that best expresses your personality.

By following these small attic bedroom design ideas, you can create a beautiful living space that is attractive, stylish and functional. With a bit of creativity a small space can be given a beautiful look.

Tips For Best Bedroom Design

Tips For Best Bedroom DesignTips For Best Bedroom Design;
If your bedroom furniture doesn’t offer you a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then now’s the time to transform it. The time and money you invest now will definitely pay off in big dividends in your future. Your bedroom redecorating project might just mean that you’ll find yourself a little happier, a bit more joyful and most importantly, at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Decorating your master bedroom is probably more fun than decorating any other room in your home. Why? Because it’s the one room in your home where you can truly allow your personality to shine.

Begin with three easy steps.

1: Start by visualizing and listing all the types of activities you’ll want to conduct in your “get-away” haven. Perhaps it’s writing in your journal, reading, knitting, watching movies or contemplating your plans for tomorrow -- whatever the activity, it’s important to think through the specific things that will make you the happiest.

2: Look at your bedroom space with a critical eye. Can your bedroom accommodate all the activities you listed?

3: As with most all decorating projects, one of your first priorities is locking in a color scheme. Color sets the stage and is truly the backdrop for all your furnishings, fabrics, accessories and lighting. Make Color Considerations
Tips For Best Bedroom Design
* Use color unequally for better proportion and balance. While this sounds like a complete contradiction, it truly works. Consider a deeper, more dramatic hue to create an accent wall behind your bed. Then, by coloring your adjoining walls in a lighter shade of the same color, you’ve created a more visually interesting space.

* Use lighter colors to create a feeling of spaciousness. Paler shades naturally reflect light rays instead of absorbing them. A lighter color palette would be particularly important if your bedroom isn’t quite as large as you’d like.

* Use bright, strong colors to create a warm, cozy feeling. If your bedroom is large and spacious and has very high ceilings, warmer colors will help “humanize” your space, making if feel more livable and welcoming.

* Pay attention to your room’s architectural features. If you wish to emphasize interesting architectural features, enhance them with stronger contrasting colors. And, conversely, if your desire is to camouflage architectural defects, then a more neutral paint color of the same tonal value will help blend your walls, ceiling and floors and hide those unhappy features.

Light Up Your New Room

Now that you’ve got some great color ideas for your new bedroom retreat, the amount of artificial and natural light in your room will be the defining factor in your ultimate color choice.
Tips For Best Bedroom Design
“Lighting plays such an important role in any redecorating project," says Sue Pelley, national spokesperson for INTERIORS by Decorating Den. “I recommend that my clients take stock of how much natural light is entering the room, and for how long a period of time. If their room is bathed in sunny natural light, I recommend working with a cooler color scheme. And conversely, if a room doesn’t enjoy a lot of natural light, a warmer color palette will help eliminate a feeling of coldness."

Bring in Fabulous Furnishings

Bedding ensembles come in a variety of sizes and designs. From the uniquely custom-designed, outline-quilted bedspreads, to the sophisticated and luxurious duvet covers, your bedding ensemble should definitely take center stage. No bedding ensemble is complete without multiple pillow shams and decorative accent pillows.

Incorporating a custom-designed window treatment, will help your windows take center stage. Once you’ve determined privacy and room darkening needs, the design possibilities are only limited by a decorator’s creativity.

The Victorian Home Ideas

The Victorians were people who were known to pay too much importance to sophistication and elegance. The Victorian Era was a time when England was ruled by Queen Victoria. They were fashion conscious not only in their appearance, but also in the way they decorated their homes. A Victorian home was a reflection of the status and social class of the owner. They liked their houses to be decorated in a very rich manner, mirroring the style of the earlier aristocratic community. Typically, a Victorian house would be adorned with exquisite furniture and accessories, making the whole house look palatial. Even in this era of modernization, there are many people who prefer to design their houses in the Victorian style.

To start with the interiors, the most important thing to decide is the colors for the walls. Victorian walls were never painted in the modern light shades, instead they were usually coated with dark and vibrant colors like sapphire, ruby, emerald green, etc. You can also use different colors on different walls to add to the style. If you want to have light colors, include them in the kitchen and hallway. Avoid light shades in the main rooms.

Another thing that was fashionable in the Victorian period was wallpaper. You can go in for wallpapers with different patterns like flowers, butterflies, birds, leaves, etc. If you have a big and spacious house, you can go for bigger patterns. However, opt for the small patterns if you are in an apartment or smaller house, as bigger patterns in small houses would make the house look less spacious. You can also use different patterns on the border, something that was also very common during that period.

The flooring of a Victorian home was usually made of wood and was covered with rich looking carpets having flowery designs to match the look of the walls. For kitchen flooring you can use marble, tiles, bricks or even hard wood. You can either leave it bare or put washable rugs on top of the flooring.

To get the authentic Victorian look, it is important that you buy furniture that were similar to that period. The furniture of those times were usually made of teak, oak, mahogany, rosewood, walnut, etc. Beautifully carved tables, chairs, beds, etc., can definitely accentuate the whole Victorian look. You can also go for wicker furniture that would give that perfect rustic look to your home.

Accessories are very important while decorating a home, as they complete the look of the house. Curtains and fabrics for sofas and chairs should be bought while keeping in mind the colors and patterns of the walls of the room. While selecting curtains, one can go for heavily embroidered fabric, velvet or even brocade to add to the richness of the room. While choosing table clothes, bed sheets, pillow covers, etc., use linen made of laces, embroidery and ribbons.

It was common to see antique porcelain dolls and figurines, lace doilies, decorative china and plates in a typical Victorian household. One can also make use of decorative lighting like small table lamps, magnificent chandeliers or candelabras to give that finishing effect of a Victorian home.

Decorating your home in the Victorian style can be very expensive. However, you can get hold of a lot of authentic Victorian stuff at thrift stores and even in flea markets at cheap rates. Usually, a typical Victorian house is crammed with furniture. However, in today's times it would be difficult to manage such a house. It would be better if you take some interior decorating ideas from the Victorian period and design your house as per your own requirements and tastes.

Guest Room Decorating

Guest Room Essentials
A well set up guest room is a very important part of hospitality, and plays a crucial role in making your guests feel comfortable and well-cared for. With a few good guest room decorating ideas, you can come up with a guest room that can rival any 5 star hotel, without breaking the bank. To start with, you need to come up with a certain theme/look you wish to follow throughout the room. Once you have some sort of a general outline of what you wish to achieve for the room, think about the details that you have come across and would like to incorporate. You may have seen some design ideas in a magazine, on TV, at the mall, in someone's home or in a hotel room you stayed in, that you would like to include. Read more on bedroom decor.

Guest Room Essentials

Apart from the guest room decorating ideas you come up with, here are some other aspects to keep in mind:
  • You guest room must have a large, presentable double bed with a comfortable mattress. If you cannot afford a new bed and mattress, try to get a good used bed. If you already have a good bed, ensure that the mattress is comfortable, and not sagging or lumpy. You don't want your guests to end up with back or body aches. A set of soft fluffy pillows are essential.
  • A set of good clean linens are a must. I suggest you set aside a set of bed and bath linens (including a featherbed mattress topper & a cozy down comforter), only for your guests. Ironed bedsheets and pillowcases are the little details that help achieve a great looking guest bedroom.
  • It would be considerate of you to include a table to set down a suitcase or any other kind of luggage. You don't want your guests to constantly stoop over, every time they need something from their bags.
  • Create shelf, drawer and counter space for your guests. We had plenty of house guests over the years, and have found that even those who stay for just a day utilize the space provided. Do not fill up shelves with decorative items, but only leave the essentials, such as clock, and maybe a few good books.
  • Among the home office guest room decorating ideas, try to make at least a foot or two of pole space in the closet, and provide few hangers. If this is not possible, you can arrange for an over-the-door hook and one behind a closet door.
Guest Room Decorating Ideas
  • It is always best to stick to neutral tones on the wall and floor. Imagine if you decide to use bright color on one or all of the walls, and it turns out to be the one color your guest dislikes. You can go even more wrong with a print. Instead, keep your walls cream, and add dashes of color with the drapes and bedspreads.
  • If your flooring is a little shabby and you aren't in a position to replace it, place a rug that covers up the objectionable spots. It is another way of adding a splash of color or print in the room. However, it is best to restrict print to one major item in the room, i.e. either a printed bedspread or a printed rug. Your options range from pile rugs or flat weave kilims.
  • A crystal vase filled with fresh flowers is the best way to decorate any room. Ideally, use flowers that are your guest's favorite, though the point is just to make your guest feel welcome.
  • An inexpensive way to decorate the walls of the guest room are with beautiful vintage photographs. You can either use old family photographs, or buy and frame some.

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Choosing Rug Size-Living Room Design

Choosing Rug Size  The most typical place for an area rug in the living room is under the coffee table, in front of the couch.
A living room without an area rug can appear lacking in warmth and color, especially if you have hardwood floors and neutral-toned furnishings. An area rug pulls the room together and groups seating areas in a natural, fluid way. Consider size, style, and material when choosing a rug that fits your living room perfectly.

Choosing Rug Size

The most typical place for an area rug in the living room is under the coffee table, in front of the couch. Make sure the rug is large enough to fit all four legs of the coffee table and that it extends the length and width of the couch. You may want to have the seating surrounding the edges of the rug, or select a larger sized rug that can accommodate all the feet of your couch, chairs, and coffee table. Common rug sizes are 4 x 6 and 6 x 9 feet.
If you have a large living room, try placing more than one rug in the space. Small rugs can be used to decorate the area in front of the fireplace, or the entryway into the home. All the rugs should be similar in design or color to give an overall coherence to the living room.
Choosing Rug Style

Take into account the colors and patterns already in the room, on the walls, window treatments, and upholstery. If the colors are bold and patterns vivid, you may want to choose a single block of color for your rug. Conversely, if the walls and fabric in the room are more subtle and plain, you can select a rug that will be an interesting focal point.
In general , look for geometric patterns if you have a modern living room, or a braided or cotton rug for casual country styles. Animal print rugs look great in eclectic settings, and Persian carpets are suitable for an elegant, formal room.

Choosing Rug Material

Rugs are basically made of synthetic or natural fibers. Synthetic fibers include nylon and polypropylene, which are easy to maintain and cost less than natural fibers. Cotton, wool, jute, and sisal are popular materials in eco-friendly rugs. Your choice of material will depend on where the rug is to be placed and your budget.
For instance, your main living room rug is likely to be well-used and require easy maintenance. A wool rug is ideal since wool is coveted for its softness, durability, and ease of care. Alternatively, polypropylene is considered the most stain-resistant synthetic fiber and nylon is very durable. In an area with less foot traffic, a soft cotton rug may be a perfect option.

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