Cleaning Your New Carpet and Rug For Home and Apartment

Tips on How To Cleaning Your New Carpet and rug For Home and Apartment - Enhance your interior of the house or apartment is my hobby, my hobby is often posts on this blog - One way to enhance your home interior by adding rugs in most rooms in the house or apartment. Carpet and rug is one of the fixtures in the house or apartment that need special handling in care. Choose ways that may improper care can make the carpet dirty and easily damaged increases. Clean your carpet the right way to make it last. Choose a good carpet material, soft and easy to clean. The rug can be installed permanently and a detachable. Suitable to beauty of living room, family room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen of your home. Well I'll show you how to how to care for and clean your carpet to remain durable and not easily damaged.

Most appropriate materials to clean the carpets without destroying, it is quite easy to get, which is white vinegar. Mix one bottle of vinegar to one gallon of water. Pour the mixture into the carpet, brush a little while, then rinse with some clean water.
Especially for new carpet. When the new carpet installed or is created on the floor, sort of floating dust. When inhaled, this dust can cause irritation of the eyes, scratchy throat and even dizziness in some people. Although, until now unclear whether the dust is harmful to health or not, but the effect is really disturb. For overcome, before the carpet is sent to your homes, ask the carpet store for cleaning / vacuuming the carpet. Trust throughout your new carpet installation to the providers of professional carpet installation services and trusted.

Carpet and rug should be cleaned frequently using a vacuum cleaner, especially if you have recently installed carpet. Although looks clean, the fibers of the carpet can be mixed with dust and dirt. If left too long, dirt will accumulate. Besides being good for health, will also accumulate dirt more quickly ruin the carpet. Do not walk on the carpet with bare feet. Many people assume that walking barefoot in the house or apartment can make a carpet cleaner longer. But the assumption is not entirely true. Feet sweat and oil. When in contact with the carpet, oil and sweat stick to the carpet, causing dust and dirt easily attached. We recommend wearing socks or slippers when walking on the carpet.

Do not wash with soap. You should not wash your carpet with detergent or cleaning fluid containing soap. The resulting foam soap will leave residue remains that would tie up more dust on the carpet. I hope my post can you make as a reference for selecting and cleaning the carpet that you have.