Christmas Living Room

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
Use Christmas Craft ideas to make your living room looks sensational this year. Generally, the living room is where the Christmas tree is placed and it is important that the decorations are done correctly.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
Some people like to decorate the tree with a lot of different styles of decoration, while others prefer to use one or two colors. If you like the antique look can be found by candlelight in a tree. Modern LED lights are going to look out of place if you are using handmade decorations.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
When decorating this room do not forget the Christmas stockings. People think it is only families with children should hang stockings.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
But as you probably know most adults become a little child at this time of year and I love to have your own mean hanging on the side of the fire. The stockings are easy to make. You can buy kits wonderful medium that can be passed from one generation to another. In fact, some families are half again each year to add to your collection.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
If you have children, one of the most popular craft ideas for Christmas is the schedule of candy placed as in your living room. This is an alternative to the traditional calendar. This is very simple to do.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
You need 24 pieces of wrapped candy, a wide red ribbon, some lace and a little tartan ribbon thin to hold the candy in place. The edge of the wide ribbon with white lace and add a large plaid and gold bow on top. Place the candies individually using tartan ribbon thin to hold each sweet place. The idea is that as of December 1, children can eat candy every day until Christmas Eve. This is bound to fall from the trees in any family with small children.

Christmas Living Room Decoration

Christmas Living Room Decoration
I think your Christmas celebration will be complete if there was no Christmas tree in the living room, you can choose to medium-high trees. It was very good the rooms are beautiful live Christmas and your guests will also be decided.

Sacrifice of Thanksgiving....

 Let them give thanks to the LORD
    for His faithful love
    and His wonderful works for the human race.  Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving
    and announce His works with shouts of joy
For He has satisfied the thirsty
    and filled the hungry with good things. .... Psalm 107:7-9  (read the rest of it, long but worth it!.. here

The phrase sacrifices of thanksgiving really jumped out at me today in my devotional time ...  this whole past year God has been talking to me about Thanksgiving and gratitude (Ann Voskamp's book and website for instance...), about CHOOSING to see, that it is indeed a choice to look for His daily blessings..... but a sacrifice? ...

I confess I have not had the best attitude of late towards hubby  or God -- I have been praying for years, YEARS people! -- about our family and our soldoutness to God (it's a word I made it up, whatever!), about hubby leading more , I was very disappointed with his reaction - or lack thereof - with the movie Courageous, angry with him and his deployment habits -- hey we've done 6 it's a habit! -- not that he goes, that's not a choice but his choices not to write or make extra effort to be involved. I feel hurt, abandoned and rejected. So there you go...

BUT -- I have not been choosing to be thankful anyway -- at least not where he's concerned! He really IS a great guy -- he does so much that other husbands don't. He doesn't question my involvement with PWOC, babysits without complaining (even other peoples kiddos), doesn't harass me about the budget, does laundry,etc .... yet I see the way it could be and I yearn for that .....
             Mark Gungor says that "when your expectations don't meet your experience you have an emotional meltdown" .... well honey Satan has been testing me on that and let me tell you it's been melting all over the place over here even if it is below freezing out....

I have allowed my expectations, dreams, disappointments and desires get in the way of my reality ....seeing the sacrifice yet?....... Then I found this verse:

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me,
    and whoever orders his conduct,
    I will show him the salvation of God. ....Psalm 50:23 

Soooo... IF I really want to see God move in my life I need to starting lifting a thank offering to Him ... in  Leviticus  the thank offering was heave offering something lifted up to God with open hands in a posture of praise .... OUCH I can't say I've been doing that with my marriage or husband of late.... Now I know I am NOT the only one who hasn't so please don't say I told you so but use this post to examine your own heart, I confess not for condemnation but for prayer and support ... not for platitudes or scripture quotes but in the hopes that my honesty can help someone else who feels trapped and like they have no one to talk to ......

By very definition sacrifice means it will cost you something .. don't believe me? feel free to look it up ....  it will cost me something to Thank God in the middle of things that don't make sense, of things that I've prayed about and heard wait again, or no ....... so to thank God in the very midst of pain doesn't negate the pain, do away with the emotions, the fact I feel unheard IS NOT SIN, but choosing to dwell on it and use it to hurt my husband is another story .... counseling IS NOT SIN ......tears, wrestling with God IS NOT SIN .....

 the sacrifice is in the choosing 

   ~ to love my husband in SPITE of the things that make me crazy, ..
     ~or the fact that he doesn't do the things I wish he would (like pray with me).....
       ~to thank God that my son doesn't do drugs, sleep around,etc EVEN if he is choosing badly in school....
         ~ to see the beauty in each day .... as Ann says "the ugly beautiful" ....asking Him to make the Ugly beautiful in spite of me .....
             ~ in the letting go of those things I hang on to for protection: pride, being right, hurt, despair, desires, dreams, expectations, anger, the things I long for  .... to be willing to pay the cost
                 ~ to breathe in the blessings of God and breathe out gratitude..........even, no ESPECIALLY when it hurts.....                             

It is always possible to be thankful for what is given rather than resentful over what is withheld–one attitude or the other becomes a way of life.”... Elisabeth Elliott.

I want to do that ..... to lift up my life in Thanksgiving as a living sacrifice....

    even when I don't understand or see a "return" .....
to be free to praise in the midst of pain ......
To believe that WE will be satisfied, we will be filled and  we will see the salvation of God in the land of the living!

Making Easy Pumpkin Carving Template

How to make easy the pumpkin carving templates?

Making Easy Pumpkin Carving Templates
If you have an Internet connection, then you can make your own pumpkin carving easy template, or go to a supermarket to find some pumpkin carving template of the sample. At the supermarket, you can find several templates pumpkin carving fresh look like stars, Jack-o'-Lantern, the smiling face, skull, etc.

However, if you have some ideas for Halloween in mind, then you can make your own pumpkin carving templates. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, and take some pictures solids. You can use the eyes and lips design for various expressions. Or you can use some simple about the evil designs of the skull. You can also call witches. Avoid adding too many details, basic silhouettes are perfect for Halloween carving designs. If you want the simplest ideas, then, stars, butterflies, a witch's hat, the moon, bats and some simple geometric designs can also be used.

Black Friday

I don't know about you all but I try to avoid shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving like the plague ... the fact we usually don't have much extra to spend aside I have no wish to be part of the stampede! I try to avoid scenes like this at all cost ...

What about you this year? ....... What if you could spend your money on something that really mattered without having to brave the crowds?  On someone or something that made a difference? That was really needed and not just a little (or large) luxury?

Well there is! 

I'm honored ..... to be a new Compassion blogger!! Helping talk about needy children all over the world.
As I said in my previous post we've sponsored two girls from Compassion for a few years and one little girl from World Vision which we had to stop. It's been amazing to think that just a few dollars a month from us is making a difference in others lives in other places and a difference for the Kingdom!

I got this assignment from Compassion today, but I have to tell you I find it ironic as well - you see in talking to one of our girls who's at college this morning she was debating about sponsoring  a little girl in India or one in Guyana as there was a Compassion rep at the school!

Here's the video we were asked to share, go watch it and come back (you may need tissues)..... Missions in Action - Philippines  ...

  Can you imagine living like that? I think I could deal with the water -- if it was clean -- but those houses...I grew up on the border with Mexico and often visited with our church group, and remember our church building a "house" for a family with 12 children; yet even those shacks of corrugated tin, adobe and cardboard were solid and somewhat warm.

The beautiful smiles and spirit of making the best of it all -- can I say I would do the same? I'm not sure.... not sure at all.

How often we complain as we sit in houses with central heating and air, plenty of food and solid walls! The ability to walk outside without worrying about disease or drowning, or what happens if your raft floats off?

No I don't think God calls all of us to move into that type of housing but I do think he expects us to help if we can. How spoiled we all are ..... maybe this year instead of hitting the "Black Friday" sales you could choose to make it a Beautiful Friday for a child who's been waiting for a sponsor instead?

(there's also a  Compassion Christmas Catalog where you can order things through Compassion that others need and give a card to whomever you sponsor it for!)


"a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." ... according to

How much we take for granted in our daily lives .....
How quick we are to feel uncompassionate towards others .... to feel justified when they suffer because somehow they deserve it ....

I just finished reading Ann Voskamp's entry for Compassion International "When Compassion becomes a Gold Rush" ... as always Ann is eloquent and beautiful. The post was so touching, my heart breaks for the young man who's father can not look past his own pain and anger to his son ..... really go read it, I'll be here when you get back ...

We have sponsered two children with Compassion --- Elizabeth from Peru is grown now and out of the program, our little girl in Ecudaor who's name shamefully escapes me at the moment is still being sponsored by us. The Compassion bloggers are in Ecuador right now and I would love to be there and meet our little girl, to let her know we care more than our lack of letters shows. Our busy lives and cares which have kept us from telling her....

Compassion does so much for others, and to know we are a small part of it is a humbling blessing ... to think that somewhere in S America a little girl is blessed by our small offering every month ..... that maybe it makes a difference, to her, to her family.

I pray so....  won't you please consider making a difference in the life of a child and thereby on future generations?

One Godly woman or man can change their entire family tree! Check out the widget link on my sidebar, click the hyperlink above or visit ..... remember to be compassionate is not only to feel compassion but to act upon it!

Homemade Soaps Facts Additives

Most commercial soaps have glycerin, and make the skin dry and itchy. The component of glycerin helps retain moisture, and although its level can not be altered in commercial soaps can be made with glycerin soap home. Homemade lye soap recipes comprise a combination of lye and fat, resulting in a chemical process called saponification. During this process, glycerol is released as a byproduct. Making homemade soap is not only easy but also allows people to make soap that suits your needs. Making soap at home gives you flexibility and authority to choose the ingredients to be added in the soap. The smell is commonly added to soaps to make them more attractive. It is believed that the smell of vanilla calm a person and a fragrance of tangerine, citrus, with its powerful, is really very exciting. It is very beneficial for people who have difficulty reaching the foot of the morning!
Soap Homemade Additives And Facts
Homemade soap additives
To improve the aroma and quality of the soap, you can add different types of soap additives beyond color and aroma. Soap additives different facts at home are:

Herbs: Add the herbs to the mixture of soap not only gives the soap its uniqueness, but also provide various health benefits. Herbs like lavender exhibit anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin. It also has a wonderful aroma. Chamomile is another herb that is refreshing and soothing. It also works as a mild astringent and is effective in reducing skin irritation eczema. Romero also has mild astringent that helps to relax, and basil is naturally antibacterial. Eucalyptus adds interesting aspect of soap, and for a refreshing and stimulating effect, you can add lemon.

Spices: For a spicy scent, add ground cloves to the mixture of soap. Cinnamon powder, when added to soap imparts a spicy, brown painted natural and aroma of homemade soap. Cinnamon is believed to be a stress reliever and stimulants. However, large amounts of cinnamon may lead to irritation of the skin, so it should be used sparingly. In order to give a warm brown, cocoa powder can be added.

Milk and butter: Add the cocoa butter to the mixture of soap makes the soap to become shea butter cream, on the other hand, is added to soaps as an ultra moisturizer. You can add soap mixture instant milk powder as a natural cleanser. However, since milk soap softens, only a limited amount to add. In addition to dust, you can also add 1 tablespoon coconut or goat milk per pound of soap base. If fresh milk is added, then a certain amount of vitamin E should be added to soap to prevent mold. The above ingredients are added in small amounts (¼ teaspoon) until the desired properties are achieved. The maximum amount you add 2 tea spoon. Milk should be frozen before use, as it should be muddy when added to the mix. This is because milk has a tendency to overheat.

Other additives: Aloe vera soothes the skin dry and burnt, and is an additive for a good soap. Honey also has soothing properties and can be added in limited amounts, such as honey softens too much soap. Oatmeal (regular oatmeal) with its gentle exfoliant and is another option. Maize flour, sugar and salts can be used as a natural exfoliant. Poppy seeds are soft scrubs that provide an interesting texture to the soap. If you are looking for a natural dye, then add calendula petals is a good idea. These petals to keep its golden color in the soap and add natural beauty of it. Beeswax can be added, as it not only acts as a hardening agent, but also imparts a beautiful and fragrant smell. Coffee is a common natural deodorant. People with oily skin can add clay (Glacial or bentonite), as the clay has the ability to remove excess fat from the skin. Almond flour helps to absorb excess fat from the skin and unclogs pores.

Special And Romantic Valentine Gifts

Are you in need of some ideas for a romantic gift for your valentine? Women are very love doll and toy, so that any gifts consider to that. You need to find a good gift for your valentine that is personal and that has risen in the last minute. Give some thought to the care of their likes and dislikes. Reflecting on his recent talks and I think if it had been suggested in any special gift she wanted. The smartest woman to know that your man is not able to differentiate a romantic gift from a normal gift and therefore give broad hints about what they would like as a valentine gift. If she had given you some clues, then you're in luck. You do not have to think long and only get what she was asking. If that were not signs of his future wife or girlfriend have a list of romantic gift ideas for her valentine.

Christmas Romantic Gift Idea

Choose Romantic Christmas gifts need satisfiedAre bound to be a popular choice and undoubtedly earn points for the holidays. Christmas is fast approaching and may be confused about what are the Romantic Christmas gifts you can give your loved ones. Christmas gifts need not be expensive, they must find true love and affection. Although choices of romantic Christmas gifts for him and her can be many, you need to shortlist some of the best gift ideas and give some of that. Choose a single photo or use of a montage of images, you can also add text to ensure that more satisfied with the finished design. Therefore, refer to the romantic Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend below.

Best Romantic Christmas Gifts

Photo Albums
photo album can be one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
A well prepared photo album can be one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The photos are something to us for so long associated with them are the sweet memories of the past. Therefore, if you have pictures of your last holiday visits or days of field, you can prepare a nice custom album and give your loved one on Christmas Day. The joy on his face says it all!

Greeting Cards
 Make these cards is simple and not very long at all. All you need is the basic material of decoration, such as pencils, watercolors, pencil drawing, pens, pencils and paper color quality. Start by cutting the paper in an attractive and
Cards can be a Romantic Christmas gifts to make at home. Make these cards is simple and not very long at all. All you need is the basic material of decoration, such as pencils, watercolors, pencil drawing, pens, pencils and paper color quality. Start by cutting the paper in an attractive and write some Christmas romantic phrases that express your love for someone special in your life.

Gift For Boyfriend | Relationship Anniversary Surprise Ideas

Cute gifts for your boyfriend anniversaryThe exchange of gifts is an essential part of almost every relationship. Although all deny that we are not so superficial and does not really matter if we have our other significant gifts or not, at some level, we expect small material gifts that make us happy. Another important anniversaries in a relationship is. Again, although denying meticulously remember dates and events and incidents, it is true that we tend to have in mind something as important as the anniversary of our relationship. If you are going to be celebrating its anniversary with her boyfriend at some point soon, and need some ideas on what gifts you can give your for the anniversary.

Cute gifts for your boyfriend anniversary

It is natural that your boyfriend is given an absolutely perfect gift for their anniversary. After all, plays an important role in your life. The following section are some super ideas for gifts for your boyfriend. Take a look, get the one you like and never forget the look on his face when you receive it.

His collection
Since you're his girlfriend (and we're assuming you're fairly typical girlfriend, like most women), be sure to be the guy who saves things from previous meetings. Movie ticket stubs, tissue paper for your first appointment, a parking ticket, receipt for a romantic dinner I had, wrapping paper used to wrap one of his gifts, and many more. Baubles little has preserved over time. The seemingly minor things that have played an important role in its evolution as a couple. Get a luxury box and perfectly organize all these elements in it, in a series of compartments is equal to the number of years they have been together. Place a note with each topic, explaining what it is. Wrap the box very well. When you open and go through each gift, he is sure to be touched with this cute homemade gift. It is one of the best gifts you can give your boyfriend.
Cute gifts for your boyfriend anniversary
Designing a website
Designing a website is not very difficult if you know the right people the right way. What you can do is gather a lot of pictures of you two. The ones you have clicked on the course of their relationship. The use of these images, write the story of how they met and how he became a partner who is at present. The good times and bad, funny and embarrassing incidents. Every document and design is the site yourself or ask a professional web designer to do it for you. Then, on their anniversary, just sent an email or instant message with a link to this site. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Some of his past
If you've been with your boyfriend enough to be really comfortable with their parents, then this is one of the cutest ideas anniversary gift for her boyfriend. Contact parents and ask them about their childhood. Ask if there is something you always wanted, but for some reason could not come or not. It could be something as small as a toy or a special edition book comic or something going bungee jumping or riding a snowmobile. Whatever it is, on its anniversary, arrange for that particular thing that is given with a note saying that she knew he always wanted. If it is an activity, then take the seat, without saying anything about it and give a surprise to get there. He will again become the child that was, it will be fun to watch.
Cute gifts for your boyfriend anniversary
Silver Engraving
This is a pretty good idea for an anniversary gift. What you have to do is get some silverware, plates and champagne glasses engraved with their names and the date when they are together. Plan a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant and ask them to use the cutlery, plates and glasses of champagne you have the engraving done on. Start with champagne and then proceed to dinner. Make it a point to place them so that the engraving is visible. He'll love it. When finished with the meal, ask the restaurant for cleaning and wrapping paper and give things to him as a beautiful memory of the night the two were together.

Advertise your love
If you want to try something really crazy, and I mean scream-out-your-love-strong-as-you-can-crazy, then you can consider this idea. Contact the classified section of the newspaper that her boyfriend has subscribed. Project for a well written classified (read the anniversary message) and ask people to place the newspaper ad (in a slightly larger font than the other) in the center of his usual classified section on the day of their anniversary. If your boyfriend does not see himself, at least someone knows to be in contact with him about it. If that does not happen, then you can say you read an 'interesting job which could be adapted to your profile and you are urged to use the classified section.