But he's not a tame lion .....

A friend who's son is in Basic Training recently referred to our military (specifically the Army) as Godless. I was a little incensed at the time and I beg to differ even now...

Dictionary.com defines the term Godless as:

1. having or acknowledging no god or deity; atheistic.
2.wicked; evil; sinful.
While I would admit there are many who may act this way in the Army does it follow that the institution itself or everyone in it is/does? Nope not at all ..... just as it does not follow in civilian life either!  In fact  there is more evidence of worship of God in some ways in the military than outside it! (that old saying about no atheists in foxholes is true....) Chaplains such as  Dale Goetz give their all on a daily basis for those around them. Prayers and creeds still refer to the Lord, including the oath of enlistment.

I understand her concern for her sons exposure to others who may or may not use profane language, drink, carouse, etc ... however I know many, MANY godly people who see the military as a calling from the Lord and who have made a huge difference for the kingdom!  Should we discount or discourage our children's calling because they make us uncomfortable? How is our military less needy of godly men and women and their families then the slums of Calcutta, Appalachia or some other mission field?

I can also say that God is on the move (hence my reference to Aslan in CS Lewis' books)  in our military and in our Army and that the recently retired Chief of Chaplains was a true warrior for the Lord and a tremendous man of faith!   I would also submit that God has used the military to teach me much about His character and love, challenged my faith and forced me to know what I believe and why, and given me faith-filled and faith-walking friends who are on fire for the Lord! 

Whilst our military may not be able at times to acknowledge God the way we wish they are on the front lines both physically and spiritually these days and I can assure you that God is right in the midst!  


So spring has officially sprung in Abilene! yea!! (ok we may still get snow before the end of May but hey ....). Signs of spring in a small town in America:
  1. Beautiful balmy weather with barely any wind (another yea for KS!) brings out everyone to do yard work, bike ride, go for a walk/jog
  2. Robins galore
  3. The smell of charcoal or grilling out! 
  4. Motorcycles all around town 
  5. Front Porches being used again 
  6. Open windows even after dusk
  7. Peepers singing! (baby frogs for those who dont' know)
  8. The crack of a bat hitting a ball
  9. Kids running across the street and laughing
  10. Trees and bushes are budding out 
These were all seen/experienced by yours truly today which brought to mind the line from Bambi about being twitterpated and my title,  and my daffodils are blooming!


So was cleaning up my email folders and came across photos from my phone I wanted to save (yes I have done so)... took this when we were doing laundry in Claremore, Oklahoma whilst living with friends and househuting between pcs moves from Irwin to Riley.... I just thought they were cool looking and gorgeous!