So today is Monday and not Friday... but yesterday I had a few moments to add.
I've been making draft stoppers finally! Something creative... I'd been feeling very dry creatively doing everything else that "needs" to be done and not anything fun .... these are just fabric tubes filled with rice and placed on the windowsills in hopes it will help with our heating bills. But it was fun and Noah had fun helping fill them with rice.
If you can sew a straight seam you can make these too easily! (too easy 1sgt!) just choose your fabric (I got 9 out of one yard), cut long enough to fit your window and approx 4-6 in wide depending on how fat you want them. 1/2" sem allowance to close the tube and 1/4 " for the side seam, turn, fill(approx 3-4 cups of rice), sew closed and you're done! I also made one for the door which was longer and 6-7" around. So cost wise it was around $1.25 apiece.
Am going to make the double sided ones for front and den doors today (with copper pipe insulation inside them -- much cheaper than the ones on tv -- $1.87 for 6 ft of insulation at Lowe's and a 1/2 yard of fabric.).
Managed to get some math done with Ross too without to much of a fight. I really think he is not going to PS next year either.
Blessings and pictures later....