A Distant Trumpet..........

This is the title of a book sent to me by my sister. Well ok she sent it in a box of books to hubby but it was rerouted here because it was to late to go downrange....

It's a great book about Army life on the frontier..

Ok so the reason I'm telling you this is because I wanted to post the following quote:

"Now, ask yourself this. DO you love him as he is? If you do, that means you love everything he has ever known, because that is what has made him as he is. Or do you love some other Matthew that you want to make him into? Is it really your husband you love, or only what you think your husband ought to be? If it is the latter, how do you know you are so right as all that, to take th epower of making someone into someone else?"----Jessica Prescott(CO's wife) speaking to Laura Hazard.

While of course these are fictional ladies in a fictional situation I thought it was a wonderful quote!

How often do we tend to love others for what we think they ought to be instead of simply for who they are? And is it really love when we do so?

I know that I tend to do this to my poor husband, especially when I am frustrated about something. To say"you should... why didn't you.......you always...." rather than just loving him for him. How selfish to think that I know better than he who he should be! Even as I want unconditional love for who I am. OUCH!

I hope that I can remember this as he returns!

Something to chew on.