Life at our House

Has been nuts!  Trying to readjust to Timothy/Daddy, bee stings, Hail & Farewells, Change of Command ceremony, etc,etc!   Tim starts leave tomorrow so hopefully we can settle a bit more and do some of the things we need to around the house-with the car-etc.

Reintergration as it's called in the military is a tough chore. Oh sure we are happy he's home! But, just like the stages of grief there are stages in this journey as well. We have to get to know each other all over again. And it doesn't help when you have three hormonal women in the house! Poor Tim! 

We are planning some fun travels during the next 30 days -- Paris, Italy, visit friends in Holland,places around here, Amusement parks-- so hopefully that will work out. Then we have a couple months of "normalcy" and then we will move back to the States.  I really want to get some scrapbooking/ crafts and school done as well.

Life is never dull! There are many times I wonder why we can't just have a more placid existence but the L-d know better than I and I am learning to trust Him.  He has been showing me in a very tangible way that this world is not my home!   

May each of us see His hand in our lives today.