It's all perspective!

Tonight we went to a small gathering here in town for military families to get to know each other. Met some nice ladies and such. Funny though several of them think Abilene is so "country" --- it's a nice, friendly town of about 7000 people give or take! ( Demographics of town:
This to me is not country! I'm from a town of 1800 and have family and friends in much smaller places. My sister's ranch is about 10 minutes from "town" of Sunsites, AZ. Which is like 500? Ok it has a gas station, a library, a post office and a family dollar. The closest Walmart is about 70 miles if you need that for reference. The closest one here is 23 miles East or West! There are many smaller towns around here.

I just find people's perspective interesting - I understand in the sense if you are transfering from Fort Bragg (Fayetville, NC) or Fort Lewis (Tacoma, WA) but that's one of the things we really enjoyed when we were here last time - that Fort Riley is kinda in between city and country - not to big but not to small. This is one thing the Army has definetly helped me to learn - to look for the good where I am no matter how small that good may be. Do I do this everyday, of course not but it does become a habit of overall perception. Sure there's things to miss here but there's also very little crime, people say hello, they wave at each other - even at people they don't know, wave at each other on porches, stop to talk on street corners, etc! Found out today the library doesn't charge for copies if it's for our school needs - try that in Tacoma, or most big cities!

Often we are asked - which post was your favorite? So far I truly don't have one -- they've all been good in many ways. Oh sure there's lots to complain about at each one but we have truly enjoyed them all! Life is truly what you make of it - no matter where you are!