A must read....

For anyone who cares about their food and even those who don't.

Shameful and scary but definitely a book everyone should read...

I just finished reading Mad Sheep by Linda Falliace, sad that it's only been checked out twice!, which is the story of how the USDA used them as scapegoats to avert fear over mad cow disease and the lengths they would go to.

Definitely makes me think again about where my food comes from, we need to be lobbying congress to test ALL cattle for mad cow and to encourage organic farming.
Read this one too:
http://www.amazon.com/Omnivores-Dilemma-Natural-History-Meals/dp/0143038583/ref=s9subs_c4_14_popt2-rfc_g1?ie=UTF8&pf%5Frd%5Ft=101&pf%5Frd%5Fm=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf%5Frd%5Fp=278240301&pf%5Frd%5Fs=center-2&pf%5Frd%5Fr=035VCNQZP8PHTNZ8PPJZ&pf%5Frd%5Fi=507846 while I certainly don't agree with everything the author has to say it gets you thinking!