• to long days & even longer nights,
  • an ever present niggling sense of worry,
  • praying without ceasing,
  • breathless phone calls with a lag time and static hello... yes...I love you....hello? (from running to grab the phone on the chance it might be him and trying to fit everything in before the phone cuts off!)
  • wondering (what's he doing now, what's the weather like there, how do my children really feel about this, etc.....),
  • double checking the locks at night (I need to buy a gun),
  • hoping people will invite us over for meals/or bring me one so I don't have to figure out what to cook every night for 4 children who really don't care if they have mac n cheese/pizza/fishsticks/hotdogs/mozzerella sticks every night (well at least some of them at least the girls are past that stage!),
  • wishing this war was through and yet being proud we have a part in something bigger than us and of hubby who is doing what's right,
  • feeling frustrated with everyone who just doesn't get it
  • a sharpened sense of what's really important
  • holidays with an empty seat
  • feeling like I can't take a deep breath,
  • to so many things that are tough to articulate and make sense,
  • and yet trusting that God has a bigger purpose for all of this...

    to being part of a sisterhood of women who wait.....