Miracles at Christmas...

Ok so it may not seem big to you but here it is....

Our van's battery has been slowly dying and we've had to jump it several times. Well yesterday our neighbor kindly used his trickle charger to try and charge it for me so I could wait til payday. Once it was charged and would start I went to AutoZone to have it tested and it said bad battery. Now bear in mind at this point we've got freezing drizzle and I've just been arguing with Ross. I said ok, thinking I will have to limp along til payday and then do what I need so I said, thanks I'll have to wait til payday

"when's payday?"- autozone guy
"the first"
"let's go talk to the boss"
"He must be in a good mood cause he said it's fine you can wait til the first to pay. Just put your info on the receipt. You'll still get your military discount too."

So now I have a brand new, $100.00 8yr warranted battary in my van and I can go in on the 1st and pay for it!!!! Gotta love small town America....

Thank you Lord.