Ok so some friends have told me "that's just life" about a status I had on facebook

Stating that "I just wonder why everything has to happen at the same time: reintegration, retirement, dating issues, college stuff for the girls, kiddos leaving the nest (soon!), perimenopause, etc..." (didn't throw in our finances, extended family issues,etc). Maybe their right but it sure seems like everyone else gets to space those things out a little or only have two or three instead of ALL of them at the same time! I mean come on Lord....

However: feeling overwhelmed, saying "I thank God for Tim being home but this transistion sucks!", "Lord I know you're good and in all this but I'm not seeing it", "retirement is scary and a hard transition for civilians much less military" -- is not SIN! It's reality, and while it may not be tragic or life ending it is life changing and not easy! Saying that's life is NOT helpful.... saying I'm right there with ya, be praying for you, make a list of praises and challenges, how can I help/come alongside? or something along those lines IS.

and by the way I'm sorry but I still want to know what God was thinking by making hormone changes, kids leaving home, & husbands talking about retirement happen all at the same time?!!