Mrs Sharps Traditions...

Ok so this time of year, the blog I found and my own need to gather my ducklings at the moment reminded me of this book ....which I already own... traditions sometimes get a bad rap in our world today, especially among Christians as being to worldly or unnecessary yet Christ's admonition in Mark 7 wasn't to tell us to do away with any and all traditions not specifically outlined in Scripture (Thanksgiving anyone -- ok so that one is based on the feast of Succot but you get my drift) rather that they were throwing away the scripture for their traditions and missing the point of the feasts, holidays and observances which was to point them to God... but I digress,
This is a visually beautiful book and a great way to start adding small and large traditions to your own celebrations, outlines ides for each month. These are the things children remember when they leave home...(I don't like her other books quite as much because they vear off into paganistic stuff in my opinion but glean the good and leave the rest!)