We're going to talk a lot on this blog about 'Decluttering'.  
Why?  Because I hear about it a lot.  
It seems to be hard for some people, 
but I'm here to tell you it's not!

We'll get into details in other posts, but to start-

For Decluttering you only need to do 2 Things-

1.  This first one is psychological.  A lot of people are comforted by having 'stuff'.  Concentrate on yourself, not your 'stuff'.  'Stuff' is just that- stuff.  Any items in your home that do not do anything, serve a purpose, or are not decorative-
You Do Not Need.
Give them to charity or throw them out!  Take a deep breath, and repeat.  Give them to charity or throw them out!

2.  Have a Place for Everything.  That's it.  
Have a place for everything.  And don't have it be the counters.  Everything should be put away, so everything should have somewhere to be put.

This 2nd one involves the big secret of decluttering, so I'll whisper it...

shhhhhh-     being organized     -shhhhhh   

You need to organize your drawers and closets so you have somewhere for things to be 'put away'.  Do not worry, we will tackle those things and more on this blog!

Just think about those 2 things today-  *you don't need 'stuff' and *have a place for everything.

Happy Households!