Keep A Grocery List... DURING the week

That's right! Keep a grocery list during the week. This may sound simple, it's a great thought; but if you actually do it-
It saves time AND money!

Get a small notepad, better yet- go to your local drugstore or supermarket and get a pack of small notepads.

Take 1 and devote it to grocery shopping.  Yep, this 1 is strictly for grocery lists, period.

Next, do not leave it out on a counter, or even in an out-of-the-way corner.  If you leave it out- it's OFFICIALLY CLUTTER, and we do not allow clutter here at the HouseHold Tips Blog.

It gets it's own place in a drawer or cupboard.  Find a little space that is easy to get to, and place it there, WITH it's own pen.  DONE.

Now, during the week when you're upstairs and you notice that you're low on toilet paper, you won't say to yourself, 'Remember to get toilet paper at the store next time.'  You will just write it down on your 'grocery' pad.  This way, at any given time, you have itemized things you need for your HouseHold.

You won't forget it when you're at the store, or when you're making a list right before going to the store because it is already ON THE LIST.

I have also found that making grocery lists PREVENTS over-buying, and thus, wasting food,

Make your Life a Little Easier.  Make the Effort to Make a Space for a List.
Pretty Soon It Will Become A Habit.

Happy HouseHolds!