Make Your Kitchen Sink Look Better... Easily

A Theme here at HouseHold Tips is putting things away.
Get stuff off your counters.
Have a place for everything,
and decide on that place according to how often you use a thing.

In the case of dishwashing liquid-
we're making an exception.

I use dishwashing liquid all through the day, everyone does.
The vast majority of people sit their dishwashing liquid by their kitchen sink (I don't know where those other people put it).

If it has to be out- why not make it look good??!!

I buy blue dishwashing liquid to match my kitchen AND...
put it in this container to the left.
It looks so much nicer!

For the record- this is officially a 'Gourmet Oil Bottle' I bought at The Container Store for $9.99.

This little idea rocks because I love thinking 'outside the box' about organization and
you end up conserving dishwashing liquid because it comes out in drips and little streams!

That was Easy!