'Buying a Dishwasher' Tip

When buying a dishwasher, remember what you are paying for:

NOISE... basically.

Recently I purchased a new dishwasher.  I went with a Frigidaire because it was discontinued and therefor, drastically reduced (to $179.00).  It frankly cost more to have it installed, but that's another story :)

It's a nice looking dishwasher, it's stainless steel and matches the rest of the kitchen appliances,

AND most importantly, cleans dishes well, without a lot of dishwashing detergent.
It has some kind of hyper-efficient cleaning mechanism that most dishwashers have now-a-days.

So is there any downside?  Well... noise.

It's pretty loud when it runs.  Let's put it this way- my husband joked that he's glad that our son is not a baby anymore, because the dishwasher would wake him up.  That's a little exaggerated, 
but not completely off the mark.

So the tip for today sounds a lot like the Blender Tip I gave recently,
Yet different...

1. When buying Dishwashers AS WELL AS Blenders-
DO NOT go with a brand you have NEVER heard of,
you just don't start a 'dishwasher manufacturing business',
it must grow and develop-
go with a name you've heard of- like Frigidaire, WhirlpoolMaytag, etc.

2.  Think about noise level:
Most dishwashers clean dishes well;
at this point, in 2010, you're paying for a
lack of noise.
Ours is a little noisy, but you get used to it.
And it's still not as loud as that cheap inexpensive blender I bought!
On the other hand, an Electrolux dishwasher is SILENT,
and it's price tag reflects that.

It's your choice- go with what your lifestyle needs!

Happy HouseHolds!