A Great New Cleaning Tool

Procter & Gamble 43515 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
I found a great new cleaning tool
to get marks off of paint,
more specifically- painted walls!

I think everyone (especially those of us
with kids) has walked through a room and
'How did that mark get on the wall?'

My hallway was so marked up that I was
begrudgingly thinking of painting the whole thing again.

So I did something as simple as Googling 'cleaning painted walls',
and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers came up.  I think they are pretty new, I hadn't heard of them before, so I tried them...
* Mr. Clean didn't pay me or give me free Magic Erasers to try*


They work Great!  They get marks off of paint easily!!  I'm so excited to find this new cleaning tool!
My hallway looks freshly painted, brand new!
My dining room looks great too- no chair marks on the walls!

To be fair to readers I went to CVS and found their generic brand of these 'Magic Erasers':
No Difference, the CVS generic brand works great too!

These erasers work on a lot of surfaces,
they are FANTASTIC on paint.