Great 'Recycling Paper' Tip

I did a post on my mom blog, BananaBlueberry
almost a year ago about recycling printer paper...
and I'm adding it to today!

Firstly, about a decade ago, when I started freelancing, I realized that I could re-use paper… umm, yeah!

So all my paper that had something on just 1 side
I put in this light blue box.  I kept using it and using it, recycling and recycling.  I put it in my printer whenever I was printing stuff out just for myself- rough drafts, articles to read, lists, etc.
Do You Know How Long It Took to Go Through That Paper Recycling Box-
And Have it Empty?
IT TOOK 10 YEARS!… What a difference Recycling Makes! 
And now for the 'updated' recycling printer paper tip:
* Many Sheets of Paper get sent home in my son's backpack- about bake sales, or projects, or the school play, etc.
They all just have print on 1 side!  So I put them in my printer, even if they are colored,
if I'm printing something out- just for me- it makes no difference...
It's even a little fun to read an article or instructions on a blue or yellow piece of paper!
This saves trees AND money :)

Happy HouseHolds!