Replace Your Furnace Filters!

Purolator Products 20x25x1 Furnace Air Filter 12 Pack

It's Spring!  Time to check your furnace air filter!
If you don't do this on a regular basis,

I check my furnace filters once a month, and replace them either once a month,
or every 2 months, depending on how 'dirty' they are.

This is a simple, easy (and inexpensive) way to get 'cleaner' air circulating around your home!

To be totally honest, I usually just pick up a few furnace air filters at-a-time at my local grocery store...
for a couple of dollars a-piece;
with that said, a professional (who cleaned my home's Air Duct System) told me, in his opinion (and he wasn't selling me air filters), that you should spend a few more dollars on an air filter.  He told me you can get a great one at a hardware store for under $10.  I generally do this going into the winter months when the filters get more wear-and-tear...

You may want to experiment between the very inexpensive ones and the slightly-higher-priced ones,
and see which works best for your home...
because all homes are different: the AGE and Construction of your home will affect how much 'dirt'
you see in your filters.

Go take a look at them now!

ESPECIALLY if you have allergies!