Pay Attention To Lighting

Today, some discussion about lighting.
Your lighting in a room can make
or break a room.
I just re-evaluated our kitchen lighting,
and, getting tired of the lack of light in our kitchen-
I went to work...

First I got a big circular light that provides a lot of light for the front of the kitchen at Home Depot ($100).

Then I tackled this, pictured to the left- the track lighting.  This is in the back-half of our kitchen.
I had been putting this off because of 'what I thought would be' the hassle, and the expense...
Good News- Boy, was I wrong!
At Home Depot, I spoke with the manager of the lighting department, he told me exactly what I needed- the fixture to attach the lighting, the track, and the lights and lightbulbs- I got it all- for under $100.

Next I called our trusty electricians that we know and had them install it.  They brought a saw and sawed off the track to make it fit perfectly.

And get ready for this- they installed the Big Circular ceiling light and the track lighting in

45 minutes!

And charged me only- $155.

So what is the lesson here?
Nowadays, stores like Home Depot and others, have all the fixtures you need to update your kitchen or anywhere else in your house.  You don't need to go to a very upscale lighting store, which I did, and get intimidated by the prices.  
Next, just ask for help at these stores and they will tell you exactly what you need.
Next, find a good electrician, keep his, or her, number handy,
and call them, tell them exactly what you need done,

I cannot believe it took me 2 years to replace the previous lights in our kitchen,
THE ROOM we are ALWAYS in.

Lesson Learned!

So Walk Around Your House... Look at the Lighting.
Do You Have Enough Light in a Room?
Lighting is a GREAT WAY to 'update' a room too!

Go, take that walk :)