Is Your Eye Stinging? How to stop it now!

I love when people give me HouseHold Tips to share!
So when the Fabulous Miss S, and she is
Fabulous :)

shared a real-life tip she discovered, in a hurry-
I wanted to share it here- ASAP!

~ She was making HOMEMADE (and she has 2 small children... fabulous) BBQ sauce and measured out some cayenne pepper.  She then accidentally wiped her face
(not so fabulous) and got it on her eye lid.  
She then starting shrieking, 'Ouch!  Holy burning eye!' and wiped her eye with a wet paper towel and it got worse (again, not so fabulous)! 
What to do?  
She took a fresh cucumber and cut off a slice -- placed in on her eye, all spa-like for a few minutes ..... 
And the Burn was gone!  ... And She look refreshed!  

Fabulous :)