Deployment Goals...

So for this deployment here are my goals:
  1. Blog at least twice a week
  2. Exercise 3 times a week
  3. Daily Prayer and Bible Study
  4. Set a resonable schedule and get in a good routine
  5. Get my Prayer Journal organized and use it see (see # 3 above)
  6. Scrapbook (hopefully finish one or two -- big goal would be to catch up but don't hold your breath!)
  7. Lose at least 50 lbs (preferably more)/Eat Better (see #2)
  8. Save at least $1500-$2000
  9. Pay off as much debt as possible
  10. Spend tax return wisely (new Mattress from Marriot here I come! Ours is 18years old and there's dip in the middle from Tim being gone so much!)
  11. Make a book and Dvd list and work through it
Let me know what you think!