Grown up Christmas List ....

Day 4 of the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival:

Today's topic: A grown up Christmas list based on the song by Amy Grant, here's a reminder of what the song says:

What do I really wish for this Christmas... funny we just watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" last night and while they never mention the real reason for Christmas they do point out our excess and how we get so caught up in wishing for things instead of enjoying those around us and the true spirit of Christmas -- which I would argue of course is God Himself and the unfathomnable gift He gave us so long ago - the baby born to save the world, I can not imagine such love -- but I digress.....

1. Gods Will be done and His kingdom advance, and we would catch a glimpse of that bigger picture and our part in it
2. Gods tangible presence with each and every person away from loved ones this year and a true sense of HIS purpose and plans which include this Holiday season apart (sometimes again!)
3. Every child would feel the arms of God wrapped around them in exactly what they need -- food, love,clothing,etc.
4. Healing in my extended family relationships and for others who need that as well
5. Everyone who's lonely would feel loved and appreciated
6. Godly, loving spouses for each of my children and continued healing in our marriage

Of course I could go on with our own needs and wants (financial, etc) but I think that'll do for now....check out more lists at : Wives of Faith