Amazing things about me...

well I don' t know if they're all that amazing but today's question at Wives of Faith for the blog carnival is/was to list 11 amazing things about yourself....

1. I know how to sew, quilt, knit and spin with a drop spindle and a spinning wheel.
2. I got an A in Land Nav in college and love orienteering
3. I've been rappelling  -- we used Swiss seats not the store bought kind
4. I play Piano, Flute and Sax and was in Marching Band from 4th grade - my Sophmore year in college (Drum Major Jr & Sr year of High School) and I'm a member of the Abilene Municipal Band
5. I hiked the Grand Canyon and met hubby while working there
6. I love to ride horses and have been told I'm a natural with them, helped show halter class demo's in College
7. I love to dance and would really like to take some ballroom lessons, have participated in worship dance with PWOC
8.I won a poetry contest in 5th grade
9. I had one of my babies at home with a midwife and would love to be a midwife myself
10. Love learning new languages - really enjoyed living in Europe! and I enjoy using sign language in worship
11. I've been paid to decorate for others

See not really amazing per se but maybe just fun facts? ..... and there's more where that came from! LOL ....