Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom

Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom

Choose the Right Wall Colors
Wall colors play a very important role in making a small room appear larger. Pick a monochromatic paint color scheme for the attic or opt for pale but fresh colors like icy blue, steel gray and taupe. You can even choose brighter citrusy colors like lemon yellow, lime green and zesty orange. But moderation is the key in using such bright hues in a small attic bedroom. Paint one of the walls of the bedroom in a bright citrusy color and paint the rest of the walls in a paler color from the same color family. This gives the bedroom a bright look, without overwhelming it. As most attics have a sloping roof, choose a pale color for the ceiling to make the ceiling seem higher. Neutral colors like off white, taupe, beige and wheat are great paint color choices for the attic bedroom.

Choose a Statement Furniture
Although you should select furniture that is proportional to the dimensions of the attic, yet a statement furniture piece is essential to create a focal point in the room. A single bold piece of furniture will give the room an attractive and stylish look. A beautiful well crafted bed, with a dramatic headboard will give the room character. If your bed is crafted in dark wood, then use pale colored bed linen with plenty of pillows and cushions. The dark wood of the bed will contrast with the pale walls, ceiling and bed linen and give the bedroom a larger appearance.

Stick to Small Furniture
One of the biggest mistake that people make while decorating a small attic bedroom is to choose oversized furniture. To create a balance in the bedroom and to give it a harmonious look, you should choose scaled down furniture or small bedroom furniture. Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Small and narrow chaise lounge should be substituted for an oversized couch. A narrow chest of drawers in a modern design is also ideal for a small attic bedroom. Sleek furniture with clean straight lines should be selected as it creates a cohesive look and gives the bedroom an uncluttered look.

Get Smart With Storage
Think outside the box when you select storage for a small attic bedroom. Install built in shelves next to the bed and store your favorite books and CDs. This will reduce clutter and also free up floor space. Choose multiple storage options wherever possible and select furniture that contains storage. For example a night table with deep drawers can help you to store your toiletry and medicines. If you have a window seat in your attic bedroom, then use the space underneath the window seat by constructing a drawer for storing linens and toys. Another smart storage solution is to fill big baskets with bed linens, clothes and shoes and slide it underneath the bed.

Tips for Decorating a Small Attic Bedroom Select the Right Accessories
Do not blindly display every show piece and decorative items that you have collected over the years. Display only one or two artwork on the walls and hang them high up to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Place a large rectangular mirror over a dresser or prop a large mirror against one wall. Mirrors instantly give the interiors more pizazz and also make the room appear larger than it is. To give the attic bedroom a polished look, stick to minimalistic art or quirky art that best expresses your personality.

By following these small attic bedroom design ideas, you can create a beautiful living space that is attractive, stylish and functional. With a bit of creativity a small space can be given a beautiful look.