Houses Etologycal-important for house

Houses Etologycal-important for house
'S "ecology" derives from the greek word ECOS words - the importance of the house, and the logos - the importance of science, knowledge. So, it refers to scientists who study the habitat. It is, therefore, biology, studying the interaction of microorganisms, plants and their habitats. That is, ecology studies very carefully the structure, functioning and productivity of individual biological systems in mixed environments and supranational (or ecosystems).

Traditional roof has been replaced by houses of the layer of soil ecology, which is designed to protect the house during the winter low temperatures and high summer temperatures. Even the walls of protection from erosion. There is no need for a profound case of eco-homes, and there is no need for material heating large area or heating and things like that.

Green homes are more in the spotlight, especially because they are the cheapest option. A green building is the result of a special screening in a context. This means a place with its specific characteristics - urban, rural, more or less integrated, integrated into a particular landscape, and so on. This is designed to meet the needs of some of the owners of the building and that may correspond to a certain lifestyle. Home green home should be a healthy for a healthy person to a healthy family. The bio-psychological state of its inhabitants depends on how the home can meet their specific needs and family, while it depends on what it costs to keep it in good time for all of its development.

Its plans to build an ecological house is taken into account the fact that he / she makes the long-term investment, that this house is not expensive and should not be a lot of taxes, he / she would be able to live outside, and a healthy environment.

As regards the legislative part, there are rules on the four categories - thermal, hygiene, comfort and visual noise. Generally, all incorporated in the standards of "passive". A passive house uses only 15 kWh/m2/year for heating the interior space.

All building materials are included in the energy, material taken by brute force, its processing, and then one of the necessary production, transport, and their attachment sites. There are a number of recognized strategies to reduce this energy range. Houses Etologycal-important for houseAs a result of waste treatment and recycling on site after the new buildings can reduce both the energy needed for the production of new materials and their impact on the environment. Materials, which can be recycled contain less incorporated into energy that is required for excavation, transport and handling. Local products require less energy to transport. For example, the energy embedded in the concrete can be reduced by replacing the amount of cement dust. But the eco-homes typically use natural materials.

The use of green building materials, both for the structure of the house and close the walls and ceiling, and also for the interior finishing and furniture, is a very complex issue. We consider the quality of indoor air and adhesive effects or types of paint can have on our health. The sick house syndrome is also referred to the correctness of the execution of certain information that the humidity is controlled, which may stagnate in building materials and can lead to condensation. The mold is the last stage of the disease at home. The control must be done before to prevent this from happening.

All solutions to address energy efficiency without sacrificing something of comfort standards mentioned above. Aleksandar Nikolic, the author of the book "Biological Properties", clearly expresses his opinion on this subject: "The owners of self-heating solar huts or houses eco do not have to worry about the heat they are equipment protected against noise and vibration, to this solution among the best in the world. "The Serb living in this kind of self-heating home bio. According to statistics, these homes save about 85% of the heat, 100% for cooling, 30% in the 18-40% of lighting and building materials.