Removing Wallpaper From Plaster Walls

A new wallpaper on the plaster walls to turn dull gray walls of your home's value. You can breathe new life into the design of the house. To achieve this new look of the house, the first thing to do is to remove plaster walls wallpaper. You can make the arduous task of seamless wallpaper so that some preparations in advance. Keep all the furniture in a place away from the wall. You can pick up in the middle of the room and cover them with plastic sheets. Remove all curtains and wall hangings, and wall. Keep the electricity outside the room to ensure safety.
How to remove wallpaper, plaster walls?

There are some small tools that you should be ready with you when you remove the wallpaper from plaster walls. Son of sandpaper, putty knife, wallpaper razor scrapper and rating tools. You need one or more of these tools while using one of the following techniques to remove wallpaper from drywall. Read about home improvement.

Dry Stripping: The removal of the background image with this technique is only possible if the background is removed. Loosen each strip of wallpaper at any angle to the edge wall seam and pull slowly to keep the background image with an angle of 15 degrees with the wall. Most often, it happens that the top layer of wallpaper is released and the backing paper is left behind. Check if the card holder can be removed or not. If yes, then you must follow the same method to remove the paper. To learn more about how to remove the wallpaper.

The use of solvent suppression Funds: This technique is not effective in removing strippable wallpaper. It can also be used to remove the protective paper left after removing the top layer of wallpaper. Divide the wall in small sections and enjoy a section at a time with warm water and a solution to remove the wallpaper. The chemicals in the solution will soften the wallpaper adhesive. Therefore, by gently scraping the wet paper that removes the wallpaper easily. If the wallpaper is made of a non-porous material like vinyl, you have to make holes in the surface of the wallpaper with the help of coarse sandpaper or a drilling tool. This will ensure the penetration of liquid, which in turn loosen the glue. More information on the advice of wallpapers for disinfection.

Use wallpaper Streamer: This is a device used for the purpose of removing the plaster walls wallpaper. If you do not have a retirement flag in your home, you can get on a rental basis. It consists of a tube through which hot steam is sent to a metal plate. The hot steam should be applied from the top of the wall. When the metal plate is pressed onto the surface of the wall, the steam penetrates the wallpaper and the role and becomes soft tail behind. Take a razor knife and scrape the bottom of loose wallpaper. Now go to the adjacent and following the same procedure. Wallpaper streamer can remove wallpaper, even the most stubborn areas. However, it should be handled with care because the hot condensed water can drip from the plate and can cause burns. Learn more about the streamer wallpaper - how to use.wallpaper Streamer

After removing the wallpaper, plaster walls, you will need to be washed the walls thoroughly with warm water and a damp sponge to get out of the remaining pieces of wallpaper, wall plaster. And 'natural to have some' minor scratches or damage to the wall surface at the same time to remove old wallpaper, plaster walls. It is recommended to repair the damage before putting a new background.