Antique Furniture And Home Design

As explained above, a piece of furniture to qualify as an antique, as opposed to the plain "old", it must be at least 100 years. There are many different styles of antique furniture and the most notable of these is the French styles of antique furniture, antique furniture and Italian styles of course never eternal styles of English furniture.

English Antique Furniture Styles
Antique Furniture Styles Explained
One of the most coveted and valuable of all the antique furniture is that the English. There are four main styles named William and Mary style, Queen Anne style, style Chippendale, Hepplewhite style. Style of William and Mary furniture was from 1690 to 1720 and was influenced by the styles Flemish, French and the Netherlands. The main features of this furniture was turned legs trumpet, oriental lacquer work, upholstered chairs. The wood used to create the furniture was mostly oak, walnut or maple and sleek surfaces of grains was much better.

Explanation styles of antique furniture
Antique Furniture Styles Explained
The Queen Anne style of furniture popular from 1720 to 1750. This style led to a radical change in the history of English furniture. The pieces have become less bulky and heavy and was replaced by several curves, strong architectural forms and equipment. There was extensive use of cabriole vase-shaped curve numbers and flocs and helmet-shaped feet. It was during this period was introduced secret drawers and the top of the wood used for furniture cherry maple and walnut.

The most enduring styles of antique furniture of the story is Chippendale. He was influenced by the Gothic and Chinese and was born in England in the 1970s. Large brass hardware was used in furniture for the first time and was characterized by the feet or legs straight square. Chippendale furniture is named after Thomas Chippendale, who created these beautiful styles made popular in the rococo style furniture. The most notable of his creations is the famous Chippendale rococo mirror, which has sculptures of rococo flowers, leaves and birds. It is also more restrained pieces in the styles of antique furniture room that are very popular today.

Hepplewhite furniture styles are characterized by the use of wood as the most light chestnut, maple and satin wood carvings and applied with more restraint. Tapered legs, oval and heart shaped back for sun color combined with wooden poles, some of the most remarkable characteristic of Hepplewhite style antique furniture. The most expensive of all the furniture of Hepplewhite Hepplewhite chair that can easily cost you several thousand Great.

French style antique furniture
Antique Furniture Styles Explained
The most remarkable of French antique furniture, French furniture styles of the Renaissance, Louis XIII, Louis Philippe furniture and furnishings. The base material for the construction of the French Renaissance furniture was oak, walnut and ebony. Sculptures of mythological characters, as well as the flowers and the birds were very popular. This period antique furniture styles of covers, like many of the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. It 'was heavily influenced by Gothic and Italian furniture, and many Italian artisans worked in France. Adjust year of King Louis XIII, the style of French furniture moved into a new direction. While life in France, has become a luxury, people began to prefer the most luxurious styles of homes. Browse and shell sculptures were large and expensive to use as upholstery velvet, damask, silk and taffeta become very common.

Styles of American antique furniture has been influenced by the English and the styles are the most significant federal and Sheraton. Italian Furniture uses geometric shapes and clean lines and some of the most expensive are the boxes Cassone a collector's item. Identify the styles of antique furniture is essential before buying furniture.