The Big And Creative Ideas Decorate Hurricane Candle Vases

Creative Hurricane Candle Vases Ideas
Many people are quite fond of decorating their homes. They try to mix and match different styles in their homes. It's all about the look of the room, in the end, if you come with their own ideas or go by the book and the use of proven ideas to decorate your house is irrelevant. If you're one of those people who like to decorate their homes in a beautiful and creative, you have landed on the right page!

A hurricane vase is usually a tall glass vase that has a big mouth, narrow neck and a large, round bottom with a flat base. A hurricane vase is used by many interior decorators and designers to embellish the rooms and places. Here are some creative ideas hurricane glass can try to decorate your home with. Are bound to be noticed by family and friends alike!
Out of the box ideas Hurricane Vase

Floating Candles
Floating candles in hurricane vase are really lovely. You can create a soft and romantic, without having to do much more than light a candle! One important thing to take care while doing hurricane vase floating candle is to add just enough water to float the candle. Also make sure the candle is large enough to last an entire afternoon, or the time it's going to let it burn. You can add a few drops of water-based ink and color it. A glass hurricane candle floating would be a great idea for a date instead. Add some rose petals in the water, well, roses and a candle just go well together.
Hurricane Vases Ideas
Fish Jar
This idea is unusual, but that may seem interesting. If you've always wanted an aquarium, but have never had the time to keep the truth and keep one hand, a fish dish is a good option for you. But why not add a special touch and host fish in a hurricane vase instead? The best part of this adjustment is that the glass is high and therefore requires little space. A hurricane vase bottle raised fish look good on a shelf. A goldfish and a small neon damsel look quite pretty in a jar of fish hurricane vase. Just be sure not to accidentally knock it down!
Creative Vases Decorate

Stained glass lamp shade
This needs a bit of drilling and cutting of glass, but the result is quite satisfactory. You can make a lamp shade on the wall by a hurricane vase. Use glass paint to draw an elaborate design, multicolored glass, and has its own glass wall lamp ready. It looks very nice, especially if you are going to use yellow light bulbs in the lamp. However, make sure there are not many of them in a room, office or living room can not be sufficiently illuminated. Only one or two strategically placed lamps will do the trick.
Creative Vases DecorateOn The Table
A hurricane vase as a centerpiece is a good idea. The most common way people use as a glass hurricane centerpiece is to turn it into a vase. In fact, it looks good. However, it is a very common, is not it? An alternative idea is to use a slightly below hurricane glass (or simply one that is small) and pour water in it. Now add flowers in the vase, but not before completely cut off the stem of the flower. The flowers floating in the glass and look beautiful. If desired, you can add many small flowers, or just a single flower (such as an orchid or a Gerbera).
Creative Vases DecorateStones and pebbles
For those who like to collect stones of different colors, shapes and sizes, this idea sounds pretty attractive! You can fill a hurricane glass with beautiful and colorful stones. You can add semi-precious stones, if desired. This can be a good practice with regard to crystal healing. To add a special touch, you can fill the glass with water. The stones look bigger and brighter in the water. Also they are kept clean and not collect dust. As a hurricane vase can also be used as a centerpiece for a table. In this case, you can even add a flower in the vase, and place a flower garland around the same vase on the table.
Creative Vases DecorateWater picture frame
The subtitle may ask, am I wrong? Well, here's how you can make a photo frame with a glass of water from the hurricane. Cover about ? of the vessel hurricane aquarium sand (preferably color). Now see the image you want to add to your photo frame water and enclosed in a plastic bag. Wrap it properly so that water can not enter inside. Alternatively, you can get the picture laminated and then cut the extra plastic on the ends. Insert the image in the sand that holds securely. Now, carefully pour water into the hurricane glass, and voila! The photo frame water is ready! More vases and pot decorative sense.
The Big Idea

Combine all the above ideas, and has a hurricane glass masterpiece! Add sand and aquarium rocks to the vase. Pour water into it. Insert a candle to safely secured in the sand and stones and rises above the water level. Add a few flower petals as they float in water. Now the light of the candle, and is headquartered hurricane only to themselves!
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