Coloring Your Wall Based on Emotions

Colors play an important role in one's life. Colors you like to express their ideologies. It has been shown that colors influence our mood and greatly have an effect on the actions of an individual. The choice of an appropriate color to your room is really a hectic job and gives me some ideas.

Systems coloration varies from one room to another, from one place to another and depends on the nature of the utility room.

Living room:

A living room is where ideologies are judged, as it is the first room visits. Varieties of oil paintings, works of art, furniture and decorations are available to decorate your living room. Color scheme is like the person. However, some general rules you can follow when choosing wall color and decor.

* The colors in a living room that is recommended shades lighter.

* Do not be flashy or showy, as psychologically effects on visitors.

* Make simple decor, sweet and not make the place too crowded.

* Room must be broad, so make sure your decorations do not cover the entire room.

* One of the walls of a room can have through oil paintings. That enhances the beauty of the room.


The bedroom is a room where you want to relax and forget the stresses of the day. One must be very careful in selecting the decorations of this room. Bedroom decorations are different for children and adults.

For children,

* The murals of their favorite comic or any other paint that is attractive and nice, too.

Bedspreads * must be very happy and fun. Raise the minds of children.

* The bunk beds are the best choice for more than one child in a room.

* Toys and dolls are what children want and can fill the room.

* Proverbs and posters can be stuck here and there on the walls that are educational and informative.

For adults,

* Touch romantic is very necessary and therefore shaded walls, the light will fit.

* Lighting must be addressed and exclusive chandeliers are available in the market to serve the purpose.

* You can have great portraits or pictures of couples adorn the room.

* Quotes about love and life can be posted here and there on the walls.


Bathroom Accessories are a bunch of numbers and colors used for the walls and tiles are multiple schemes and options.


Kitchen should have the paint on the edge of the shadow due to the accumulation of smoke or vapors on the walls is very often happens. Therefore, to avoid smoke stains clearly, if you choose a matte color for a kitchen.

As noted above, paints and dyes are plant mood of a house. Be sure to keep you cool and elevate your mind as soon as you enter your home. So paint your house with your emotions!