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Blue Themed Nautical Bathroom

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Nautical Bathroom Themes Decoration
There are a few of you who relish the idea of ​​Ocean Breeze, boats, sailing, water sports and marine animals. If you are not lucky enough to have a house by the sea, there is always the possibility of creating an artificial atmosphere in your home that will probably make you happy every day. One of my favorite options is to be a personal bathroom nautical theme. Here are some of my favorite ideas ...

Nautical decorations Bathrooms

It is blue

Yes, you can think of a nautical theme bathroom in any other color, but the water? Well, you can go to all shades of blue, as long as they match the rest of the decor, as well as natural lighting in your bathroom. Avoid dark shades of blue if you have direct sunlight streaming into your bathroom. My personal all time favorites are the blue tiles and white or wallpaper for a room appear more spacious. For those who prefer the design of a bathroom tile, try to find some of them with pictures of blue fish and dolphins in them.


You can opt for a regular bath in white or blue to complement the color chosen for the bathroom. If you are ready to let go of a little more, then there is the possibility of a bathtub made sailboats in a bathroom and everything. In fact, the hook to hang the candle can double as a towel holder.

Shower curtains

In this case, the bathroom curtains are necessary not only to privacy, but also can help improve the issue of impact. You can go to shower curtains with pictures of fish and sea creatures, or a picture of a lighthouse with red and white stripes. There are some shops where you can get copies of the photo jump ship on the texture of the curtain. For this you can select images from the Internet or your private collection.

Bathroom Window

Those who want to create a climate of a ship in the bathroom, you may wish to change their windows and bathroom with porthole windows instead. These windows can be copied or brass, you can choose to buy Windows online. If you want to take the original Windows, then paint them white and add a couple of algae on the window sill. Alternatively, use the system of sandy beach a few plants in a glass jar open. Place this pot of a window sill.

Bathroom mirror

Nautical Theme

Bathroom Decoration
Bathroom Decoration

As for the mirrors are concerned, you can opt for a mirror made anywhere in a window, or go into something with your personal creativity. Personally, I suggest you create a mirror with shells and snails attractive. First, you need to buy a mirror of suitable size. You may have a personal collection of shells go to the beach. If not, then you may have to buy a bag of shells and an assortment of Conches. All you need is a glue to glue the shell firmly on the border of the mirror. Let dry completely and its mirror is ready!