Black Friday

I don't know about you all but I try to avoid shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving like the plague ... the fact we usually don't have much extra to spend aside I have no wish to be part of the stampede! I try to avoid scenes like this at all cost ...

What about you this year? ....... What if you could spend your money on something that really mattered without having to brave the crowds?  On someone or something that made a difference? That was really needed and not just a little (or large) luxury?

Well there is! 

I'm honored ..... to be a new Compassion blogger!! Helping talk about needy children all over the world.
As I said in my previous post we've sponsored two girls from Compassion for a few years and one little girl from World Vision which we had to stop. It's been amazing to think that just a few dollars a month from us is making a difference in others lives in other places and a difference for the Kingdom!

I got this assignment from Compassion today, but I have to tell you I find it ironic as well - you see in talking to one of our girls who's at college this morning she was debating about sponsoring  a little girl in India or one in Guyana as there was a Compassion rep at the school!

Here's the video we were asked to share, go watch it and come back (you may need tissues)..... Missions in Action - Philippines  ...

  Can you imagine living like that? I think I could deal with the water -- if it was clean -- but those houses...I grew up on the border with Mexico and often visited with our church group, and remember our church building a "house" for a family with 12 children; yet even those shacks of corrugated tin, adobe and cardboard were solid and somewhat warm.

The beautiful smiles and spirit of making the best of it all -- can I say I would do the same? I'm not sure.... not sure at all.

How often we complain as we sit in houses with central heating and air, plenty of food and solid walls! The ability to walk outside without worrying about disease or drowning, or what happens if your raft floats off?

No I don't think God calls all of us to move into that type of housing but I do think he expects us to help if we can. How spoiled we all are ..... maybe this year instead of hitting the "Black Friday" sales you could choose to make it a Beautiful Friday for a child who's been waiting for a sponsor instead?

(there's also a  Compassion Christmas Catalog where you can order things through Compassion that others need and give a card to whomever you sponsor it for!)