Favorite Christmas Movies ...(WOF Day 1)

Today's topic over at Wives of Faith is your favorite Christmas Movie....

Hmmm we watch several every year and it's not easy but I polled the fam and here's our must sees:

Ok so we don't actually own this one presently but we used to watch this every Christmas when I was a girl (loved the Waltons!) and I have missed it, hoping to order it from Amazon this payday! If you've never seen it it's the story of a depression era family and their struggles at Christmas and how love is the most important gift of all....

A lovely adaption of the Biblical story and a new family "classic"

One of my daughter's favorites and a true Classic with generosity, love and laughter! and an unforgettable score!

My Eldest Son's favorite .... a neat take on the commercialization of the holidays and what it means to live in community!
Another of my favorites ... great movie, funny and a message of hope and faith
The true classic which MUST be watched every year! Uplifting reminder of the difference we each make!

 If you love Anne of Green Gables then you must watch Road to Avonlea ... originally titled Happy Christmas Miss King this is a wonderful family film about faith, hope, love and family!

So this one isn't necessarily a "Christmas" Movie but it starts out at Christmas and we usually watch it and who doesn't love the March Girls  ... 

 and last but certainly not least, Eloise! A precocious little girl who lives at the Plaza who has a heart of gold .....you simply must watch it as it's rawther a good movie and dd#2's fav! ....  

So there you have it our family's must see Christmas movies every year, a bit eclectic I grant you  and we add other's but these are De rigour for the Christmas season ..... fix yourself some cocoa and popcorn and settle in!