Holiday Mantel Party....

A La Mode Maven is having a Mantel party on her site so here's photos of just our mantel.... you can check out my whole home tour here if you like...

Our fireplace has a very large surround and really long mantel (96") it's really just a board on top of the surround and I'd LOVE to change it out and make it look more like a traditional mantel/surround but one thing I've learned from living in various quarters/homes you gotta work with what ya got ..... 
the "wide" shot 

wired Burlap ribbon (both with and without rustic jingle bells), greenary, silver bulbs, magazine trees and an antique mirror .... )

I love the glittery ornaments from Gatherings on the Prairie, the pictures really don't do them justice but I hope you like my mix of fancy and plain! 

The Home blocks are from Cypress Bridge  our local home decorating store that is lovely and has the best scented candles EVER! The wreath is Nativity ornaments I collected at Kathe Wohlfarht in Germany.
closeup of my little Chickadee friend ... one of my favorite memories is of them hoping all over our balcony railing in WA in the snow  and I like it when all my little Chickadees (kiddos) are home! :)

Hop over to the link above and check out other mantel ideas!! Thanks for looking!