How to repair vertical blinds

repair the vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are a popular way to cover windows and doors. They are usually to cover sliding glass doors and blinds. Improve the interior of the houses. Basically, vertical blinds have three main parts. The horizontal head rail that is mounted on the top of the window or door. The pallets or slats or slats made are made of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc, and clung to the rails. These pallets can be the headband with the aim of opening or closing the vertical blinds moved with the aid of the chains. If we repair vertical blinds, we refer to the repair of one or more of these parties.

How to repair vertical blinds?

There are some common types of damage, often suffer from the vertical blinds. The blades, especially the plastic breaking point, where he a clip. Sometimes one or more of the broken clip. The low weight at the end of the fins to get it separately. The main problem arises when there is damage to the rail head, and then do not move the leaves. In this section we discuss the replacement parts for vertical blinds. Vertical blinds repair with replacement of parts to repair vertical blinds with new ones.
Repair of pallets
If one wing is broken vertical blinds, it must be replaced by a new one. For the damaged wing has to be removed from the band. Move the range slightly in the upward direction and rotate a bit out of the holder, then pull it out. When the pallet is held by a clip that puts a string, then you have to take the flag of the first clip. Then you have the chain, not only the flag of the damage, but all pallets to remove in the middle of the range and the point of the anchor chain.

Take the new leisure range and move the holder or clip. During the installation of new pallets, must be ensured that the orientation in which the range is the same as the other leaves. If it is difficult to push the shovel into the clip, you can exert additional pressure with a screwdriver. Do not put too much pressure, which can lead to breakage of the clip, as so often made of plastic. Finally, replace the cord to pass through the paddle blade and other adjacent, which was removed.

If the blade is made of cloth, and then the severed part can be repaired with needle and thread. If there is a crack in the vicinity of the hole where he is in the clip the wings of the railroad, is the range to fall. To repair the tear, just cut a small piece of fin from the bottom of the palette and the past, when rotated with the adhesive in the joint. Make sure that the party not to reduce, to cover the gap. Keep the repaired area between the fingers, good to the union of the two parts with others. Now you can back into your lane position.
The repair of the rail head
This is the most difficult to repair vertical blinds. When you repair the track on its own, it is possible that the warranty can get the vertical blind declared invalid. Therefore, they must be the headband for any type of repair touch only if the guarantee period is over the vertical blinds. The only component of the headband that can be repaired in the country, is the chain. We must change the old chain with a new, if you see any damage. To do this, first remove all the leaves one by one. If you look closely at the chain forward to seeing how it was created with the rail head. This will help if you are installing the new one. Once the chain is installed, you must add all the knives in the same orientation. For the repair of any other part, as the owner or the veins of the head of the lane, you should be a professional, because these tasks require a very skilled pair of hands.

Repair of clips
The clips that hold the blades often break because they are made of plastic. However, it is very easy to replace and sometimes not even all the tools. Remove the clips from the rail head of the vertical blinds. If you are using a screwdriver for this purpose, ensure that no damage to the flag. While replacing them with new clips, should be well into the headband or otherwise unable to secure the right wing. After mounting on the rail, insert the blade into the clips in the same orientation as the leaves are different.
repair vertical blinds
Before you start to do the repair vertical blinds, you must ensure that the vertical blinds to be cleaned thoroughly. Not only help you work appropriate remedial measures, but also to prevent further damage to vertical blinds. Each time you replace any part of the vertical blinds, through appropriate actions prior to the purchase of a new fit for the good. Interior is well renewed when the blinds are appropriate and important in good shape.