Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Long-sleeve mini-dress trend

Over the years, has changed little dress looks a few times, but by long sleeves, this model has resulted in more benefits. Truth be told, not everyone has the perfect model for less conservative style and convenience. More than a year, a mini-dress with long sleeves are shown in almost all the tracks Fashion Week in New York. He has become one of the most elegant and practical look for a moment. As part of the Autumn Winter /, it looks and fashionable. See the popularity of many celebrities and well-being, this factor is definitely here to stay. The best part is, as long as you feel comfortable with a small long-sleeved uniform for all. It is an elegant, practical, and the new must-have!

Long-sleeve mini-dress pattern

In possibly the biggest benefits of a small dress styles that can look good in both directions, stoned, even if subtle. With the help of all the accessories, or even the only network that has been made, this team is as easy as it gets. Various print is also part of the reason for this popular development. But before we get them, here are a few tips to get the fabric.

Knitting: The easiest way to do this pattern can dress up. Cable-knit looks great for both casual or not. Note that the best idea, but very formal.

Crochet: several notches higher than the usual team of crochet dress. Perhaps there is a clear winner is looking to come to watch the semi-formal and informal, depending on how she dresses.

Lace: It seems more elegant figure above, some of the well-being of dress looks good. He became the perfect pair of pumps, not the appearance of a bad dress.

Payet: Now, this looks great! Colors such as silver, white, black, gray, or even more luxurious. Style does not require any extra, and give a face "mode" for the word.

For a more classic appeal, you can also choose fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette and silk. Lame, nylon, elastic, and various blends of cotton and cotton, the other to choose from. A simple mind, if you have a copy of the play instead of the canvas, you can choose the flowers, Paisley, animal prints, abstract, diamond, or a mole. If this does not work, do not just stick to the classic style of solid colors. Just know that you look good. What accessories are concerned, depending on the style you choose, accessories, belts, necklaces or earrings the time, even beautiful. If the jewelry is something bright shoes is more than enough to complete the look. One way or another, it looks good. Make sure that there is no more fingerprints change when you use it.