I was glancing through my friends Vanity Fair magazine and came upon an article about the prisoner abuse in Iraq. The writer postulates that we have"once again exported our troubled underbelly" ---and goes on to call our troops some very nasty names. Excuse me but since when does taking up arms for your country and serving something bigger than yourself make you uneducated and troubled??? I seriously doubt that this was the way people felt during WWI and WWII, they stood behind the troops in many ways.

There still seems to be this thought among the "social elite" that those of us in the military are only in because we can't do anything else. Too stupid, too naive, etc.....

Perhaps they would like to come and try to run schematics on my hubby's Bradleys?? When did patriotisim and love of country go out of style? Did I miss something?

As you can probably tell this article raised my hackles.......them's fightin words!! to put in a vernacular the writer might grasp. He goes on to say that "perhaps" things are better in the Regulars but this war is being mostly fought by Reservists and National Guardsmen. Oh really??? I thought we were all in the same Army and why then are most of the troops in Germany "Over there"??

I hope the writer still feels the same way if he ever should lose that freedom he takes for granted. Secured for him by the "troubled underbelly" of America.