Do you talk to your spouse?

Here I am again! Our internet is in flux right now as we are changing servers and am still trying to get the house in order.

Just some quick thoughts on communication and marriage: My mil is trying to make Thanksgiving plans with my sil and us, she emailed and I emailed her back with our plans. She called hubby to double check .... this I find irritating and sad at the same time. Irritating in that I felt checked up on -- and sad because it's a comment on her relationship with my fil (they're divorced). They didn't have good communication at all and she seems to be assuming that we don't either -- now I am in no way saying ours couldn't be better but Tim and I talk about everything and we don't make plans without the other one knowing what's going on. Even when he is deployed if it's a major thing I email him. Small things - he doesn't really care but we do talk over our schedules/life together.

I don't understand not doing that -- how can I be a good helpmeet to him if I don't know what he needs is up to? and vice versa.

Just thoughts.