Puzzle Pieces

What a weekend! This was Central Region's Fall Focus weekend for PWOC (see link in sidebar) and it was beyond AWESOME!
300 women from all over the midwest (Wisconsin down to Texas and over to MO) gathered to learn, study and praise God! Our ladies both opened and closed the conference with a worship dance and sign language to the theme song for the year. It was incredible! I got to see ladies from almost every place we've been stationed as well as get to know some of the ladies from Fort Riley better!
I'm not exactly sure what God is doing in my life but he settled some things deep in my soul and is showing me some other things this time - putting pieces of puzzles together from years back. I am also looking forward to going through a forgiveness/life study with a friend here in Abilene. I don't think I ever been told I was beautiful or radiant so many times in my life as I was in the last three days - and I am starting to finally beleive it a little! YEAH GOD! Since I am at the library again I will have to post more later but I am excited to see what will happen in the next few years and what God will call me to do! Refining His call for MY life and not everybody elses - even a dear friend's who I much admired but now see I was trying to please rather than what God is showing ME --- to do what I beleive even when it doesn't line up those I love.