To remember .... dealing with loved ones

The Pastor at Community Bible yesterday was speaking on loving one another and related this incident from his children.

They were fussin and generally being rude and dishonoring to one another so he told his daughter (in another room) who was instigating much of it
" I know you don't like your sister right now, I know you may not see anything to love in her right now, but I love her and she is special to me so if you love me, act like you love her!"

I thought this was profound and beautiful! Powerful picture of not only how we should act in our families but as Christian's towards one another. I am planning to print it out and post it for our children to remember as this is a bad habit we've gotten into this last year! Along with the scripture in John about they will know we are HIS by our love for one another.

Also wish my father would have said something like this to my sister and I then perhaps we could have learned to get along better; rather than just the normal you will because it's the right thing to do which didn't work -- only buried the issues instead of addressing them.