Doings around our house today...

Ok so it's early, I'll probably add to this later as well but so far we have:

Homemade yogurt (thanks De'Etta for the recipe) that's a little runny but still good -- needs more flavor but I used Vanilla Brown Cow for starter and didn't want to much. Made yummy smoothies for breakfast though! (came out more like soft peach ice cream in the vitamix but here's what I did: frozen peaches, yogurt, cream of coconut, egg white protein and Barleans flax oil -- expensive but yummy!)

I have physical therapy for my back, work, school, need to work around the house and buy science stuff for Jessica (who's determined she's going to the University of Hawaii, Stanford or Oxford now and having a great Dane named Skimpy?) Jessica is also working on cleaning out our jungly flower bed in back and making it pretty (yeah! The garden may have to wait until April when Tim's home on R&R but in our zone you really can't plant until May anyhow).