Noah is 9 today! He's such a blessing and joy! Growing into a kind,thoughtful young man.

Yesterday was his "party" and we had a good time at the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Jessica made him alien cupcakes, he had a friend spend the night and another came over to watch Space Chimps, eat astronaut ice cream(freeze dried) with the cupcakes and play games.

Today I decided to stay home from church and just let the boys play so presently Lars,Ross and Noah are headed to the park to try out Noah's new sling shot, Ross' sling (yes there's a difference) and run around,etc. I do wish we lived in the country sometimes so they could do more "real" boy stuff like trapping,build forts,etc and not have to worry about where to shoot the sling shot! Hoping to build a real tipi or wedge type tent this summer in the back yard or something like that....

(Lars and Noah with the Apollo 13 command module Odyssey)