Evaluate Your Space- in Drawers and Closets

Kitchen Wrap OrganizerLast Week was Decluttering Week on HouseHold Tips Blog.

In Keeping with Decluttering, we're talking about
drawers and closets today- and organizing,
because decluttering and organizing
go hand-in-hand.

First of all, closet and drawer organization are not static.  You can/should
re-evaluate how you are USING YOUR SPACE in closets and drawers
from time to time.

The BEST way, in my opinion, to organize closets and drawers,
is to EVALUATE Your Space...


How often do I use this?
What do I use it for?

A perfect example is a kitchen closet/pantry/shelving.
I recently re-evaluated one of my kitchen closets where I store platters and special dishes and special pots.  I found I was overloading that space with 'specialty stuff' that I don't use every day or even once a week.  
So I went through every shelf, 
*and things that I rarely use went downstairs, 
*things that I don't use frequently went on the top shelf,
*things that I do use frequently went on the middle shelf,

*and things I use EVERY DAY,
went on the bottom shelf, 
which is chest-high, so readily available,
like- wipes, trashbags, GladWare containers and lunchbags.

This way, things I use every day are easy to grab,
and not stuffed in a corner;
everything is easy to find!


It'll make your Life Easier!

Happy Households!